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Rhyme written-02/01/08

Updated on February 12, 2008

Beauty has landed on my door step

Beauty has landed 
on my porch 
I must say 
winds of delight 
childhood play. 
     Quiet by chance 
she does look 
in my eyes. 
I don't know 
what she sees. 
I shant pry. 
    A sense of adventure 
or moment of glee 
is a time with 
no stress 
That's what I see. 
     I don't take 
for a moment 
a grant in love. 
I shall earn 
the flight of 
a dove. 
     Serendipity which 
is not my way 
this is once 
a in a lifetime 
a silent pray. 
     A smile of love 
brings beauty 
I do adore 
passed my porch 
and into my door.
A quiet endowment for two makes replete in not chances soul.


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    • nicheblogs profile image

      nicheblogs 10 years ago from Australia

      You have a nice touch, simple but profound, a twist with words and a sensitive to nuance to the unspoken. I like this poem very much.

    • profile image

      Ysabella1854 10 years ago

      I always like the way you weave your words and express your feelings. It comes from the heart. I love you.