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I Know Your Struggles

Updated on July 15, 2015

Life has it's ups and downs, it's highs and lows, however, some people seem to breeze through life with little or no struggle, while the very life of others personifies the word "struggle" truly, it's a puzzle.

The passing of time reveals knowledge,
one does not need to go to college, to understand, the struggles of a man,
no, just peer deep in side the kidney's and the heart, this discernment is a form of art!

I know your struggles,
creativity, what a heavy weight,
fight to control it so it can't be used against you as a bait.

I know your struggles,
juggling life circumstances,
as a matter of fact it a bit of a balancing act!

I know your struggles,
a miss step and you fall, but you will never allow yourself to be crushed between the wall, that was a close call!

I know your struggles; I know your struggles; yes I know your struggles, they are intense, deep, and yet you have allowed others to take a peek.

Your struggles, their struggles combined into a huddle, struggling together trying to stay afloat, determined not to miss the boat! Struggling together makes the bonds stronger, one day soon we struggle no longer!

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