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Poems About Dreams, Mysticism and Inner Battles part 2

Updated on January 25, 2012

The promise

You tried to put out the flame

But the fire still burns

Look how the smokes are coming out

They’re relentless!

You try and succeed to get it off your sight

Of your might,

Try to conceal it in the fireplace

But they refuse to die!

Then with your chest pumped of false victory

You showed the ashes to everyone

And you thought you won,

It’s over you thought, it’s all over!

Safe enough to leave now.

No it’s not, hear the echoes in the sky

The thick white smoke was visible in the dim light

Like silver it shone promising the gold

It’s not yet time!

You can’t die,

You have to wait for your reply

The proof you’ve wanted all your life

And you can go when it has been shown

The wind has finally blown …… it’s the promise fulfilled.

And since I’ve forsaken

All the promises

Lost all my will

Have united with the overcome.


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