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Poems From the Past (Originals)

Updated on June 23, 2015

First Thing To Know

All the poetry written below are 100% my own original work. Do not copy or translate without permission.
If you like what you see, share this link with your friends and keep in touch, there is much more to come.

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My Shining Heart

There is something about you

That drives me off the wall;

Something that eludes me,

But makes me love the fall.

Beat beat beat-

Goes my corazon,

And there you are again

Feeding this happy song.

There is something about you

That brightens my day;

Something about your smile

That sparks this happiness again.

Sing sing sing

Is my heart for you,

And so it has tripped another time,

For you, the girl who makes it shine.

© Mitchelgordon P. Angel

Finish date: August 11, 2011

Poem# 92

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I am sorry,


All the things,

That I haven't done.

Like the many things I've wanted to say;

But was too afraid.

I am sorry,

About all the negative things you've heard me say.

Now, I am hoping for a change.

I want to tell you-

How much I miss you.

Yet, I am too afraid-

Of what you may tell me.

I wish you knew,

How much you mean to me.

Nevertheless, I find it all too hard,

To actually come out and say;

That I am afraid...

I am afraid, to say hello,

For reasons you may never know.

But mayhap there'll be a day,

When I have the gull to say;

That you are my greatest friend-

And I love you.

© Mitchelgordon P. Angel

Finish date: June 11, 2008

Poem# 46

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You Were There

Just as I saw you;

As bright as the sunset

As plain as the desert,

You were there.

Just as I wanted you;

As beautiful as an angel,

Just as tranquil and warm.

You were there as my guiding light.

Though you broke my heart,

My hearts still there.

Just as I needed you;

You were there.

© Mitchelgordon P. Angel

Finish date: January 9, 2005

Poem# 2

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For Brownie

I'm sitting here now,

Thinking of you;

My heart is renewed,

What I wait for everyday,

Is to talk with you;

Every second, I miss you.

Then I think,

We are so new to each other,

But we share one another;

Our feelings, our dreams,

It seems - they are the same.

I have never seen you,

All the same, you have never seen me.

We have never looked into each other's eyes.

Never seen each other cry.

I only wish to be there to wipe your tears in the future.

We have never held each other’s hands…

Never walked together in salty sands.

You live so far away,

I can only hope this will happen someday.

Now I must say goodbye,

Just so, I can keep this short, yet sweet.

Keep this as a reminder of my love.

In time, destiny will bring the chains of distance undone.

© Mitchelgordon P. Angel

Finish date: January 10, 2007

Poem# 21


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