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Poems From the Porch 2

Updated on November 9, 2019
Jodah profile image

John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.

The Porch
The Porch | Source

And So a Series Begins

Well, what can I say? In the first 'Poems From the Porch" I invited readers to give me ideas or subjects that they would like to see written as poems and said if the idea proved popular enough I would turn it into a series.

I must say the response was amazing and surprised me. I've already received enough suggestions, just from the comments in the first article, to keep this series going for around six weeks. So, thank you to everyone who submitted an idea. With this second part, I declare 'Poems From the Porch' a series.

I am keeping a list of the suggestions in the order they are posted in comments and the poems I create will be in the same order. So, sit back, put your feet up (as I did writing these) and hopefully enjoy poems requested by your fellow writers.

A view from the porch (backdoor and steps)
A view from the porch (backdoor and steps) | Source

Lorna Lamon

"As I love nature and Australia is full of the beauty of nature perhaps writing a poem about 'the bush' and its many facets, might be an idea... maybe it could be a rhyming poem."

Thank you for the request Lorna. I hope you enjoy this poem.

The Bush: A Place Just a Little Way Down

The bush surrounds my little town, to the east and west that's for sure.

To the north and south, to the river mouth, and all the way down to the shore.

From the birds in the trees to the rock wallabies and bush tucker food you can eat.

I love the outback, every rough beaten track, even during the hot summer heat.

And as I repose, cooling under a hose, at my house in the centre of town

I reminisce of a day 'neath a blue gum asway in a place just a little way down.

Where the wattle trees bold with their bright sprays of gold attract the honey-eater and pigeon,

Or the ridge with the caves, where the dingoes oft' laze on the property I called 'The Haven.'

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MitchellBroadwaterWalkabout Creek Hotel, McKinley (featured in Crocodile Dundee)Walkabout Creek Hotel, pub featured in Crocodile Dundee
Mitchell | Source
Broadwater | Source
Walkabout Creek Hotel, McKinley (featured in Crocodile Dundee)
Walkabout Creek Hotel, McKinley (featured in Crocodile Dundee) | Source
Walkabout Creek Hotel, pub featured in Crocodile Dundee
Walkabout Creek Hotel, pub featured in Crocodile Dundee | Source


"I’ll throw an idea out — a humorous poem about forgetfulness."

OK, Flourish, the next one is for you. Thanks for the request.

Forgetfulness: I've Lost...I Can't Find...Where Is?

I cannot find my glasses,

I had them on last night.

It may be no big deal to you

But I need them for sight.

I cannot find my glasses,

I've searched both high and low.

Confused I start to scratch my head -

Oh! ... Where they were you'll never know.

I cannot find my glasses
I cannot find my glasses | Source

My keys, my keys, where are my keys?

I really need them now!

I've looked in every place on Earth,

Desert sands and Arctic snow.

How can they go missing

When I hang them 'round my neck?

Perhaps I'll look in one more place -

Oh!...found them ... what the heck?

The dreaded disappearing keys
The dreaded disappearing keys | Source

Oh no! I've lost another sock,

I don't know where it's gone.

Where oh where do odd socks go?

I have ten socks on their own.

Maybe there is a fairy

Who steals them in the night,

And uses them for sleeping bags

For the homeless fairy plight.

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Image by mac231 from PixabayImage by Dina Dee from Pixabay
Image by mac231 from Pixabay
Image by mac231 from Pixabay | Source
Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay
Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay | Source

Pamela Oglesby

"I will try to give you ideas occasionally. Being a grandparent is near and dear to my heart and I also think your cats are a possible topic."

Thank you for those prompts, Pamela. Here is your poem.

Grandparents and Cats: Grandpa's Cat

Grandma had a budgie,

but Grandpa had a cat.

Grandma had a goldfish,

but Grandpa had a cat.

Grandma had a puppy dog,

but Grandpa had a cat.

Grandma had some chickens,

but Grandpa had a cat.

Grandparents | Source

When Grandpa worked within his shed

Making things from wood,

The cat lay on his workbench.

He called it "Puddy Pud."

This cat would follow Grandpa

Everywhere he'd go.

To the store in his old ute (pick-up),

Puddy Pud would be in tow.

At night when Grandpa lay in bed

The cat was in bed too,

Purring away contentedly

Unless he was told to "shoo!"

Grandma didn't mind the cat,

She'd try to feed him treats.

But Grandpa had the only hands

From which Puddy Pud would eat.

Grandma had a lot of pets,

Different ones would come and go.

But Puddy Pud was a one-man cat,

On Grandpa his love bestowed.

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Chairman MeowFanny Basil
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow | Source
Fanny | Source
Basil | Source

That's It Folks!

It's goodbye from the porch for another week. I think I published the first one on Sunday (my time) so this one is a little early. Do you think I should try to publish this on the same day each week? We have 'The Writers' Mailbag' on Mondays and 'Eric's Sunday Sermon' each Sunday, so maybe I should try to publish this Friday or Saturday (US time.) Does anyone have a preference?

Anyway, until next week, it's Jodah signing out, and don't forget if you have any poetry requests just ask me in comments. (Next week there should be poems for Elijah A Alexander Jr. and Bill Holland.)

© 2019 John Hansen


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