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Poems I Have Written Over the Years

Updated on December 19, 2011


That's Love
Who am I to stop your if you want to be free?
I definitely cannot make you love me
I don't want to hold you hostage, that isn't love
I only want to be there when things get rough
Love doesn't try to change the one who receives
instead it changes the person who believes
Love isn't about me, it's about you
its about my heart and all that you do
Love is content with loving, no more no less
it doesn't force itself or leave a big mess
Love doesn't always get it's way, but is happy to wait
and I want you to know coming back to me will never be too late
I will always love you just the way you are, the way you want to be
and it won't disappear just because you don't love me

Helpless and Alone

Helpless and alone I stand watching you walk away
I would do just about anything for one more day
My heart lies broken and bruised
I am tired of being used
I fell in love with you, you are such a good man
I think you had feelings too, but you turn and ran
now I am here, brokenhearted, in agony
knowing deep down inside you will never love me
I can hear your voice, though it is just a whisper in the night
as my soul lies dying and yours takes flight
Tomorrow there will be no sun, it all seems so bleak
how will I survive another tortured week?
Your heart is cold as ice, turned to stone
as I stand here helpless and alone


I find myself walking away, though I want to hold on
nights are so long, but I fear the dawn
If I could live in my dreams, you would be mine
now I wait for an answer, hoping the sun will still shine
to be held safe in your arms was once such happiness
now the pain in my heart never stops, it's endless
If I ever hear you sweet voice again, it will tear me apart
you walked away forever, taking with you my heart
How can you be so distant, so far away, so damned cold
when all I ever wanted was you near me to hold
so I face another day alone and I try not to cry
and leave you with a simple question...


I loved you so much, I gave it all I had
and now thinking of you only makes me sad
what happened to us, you were my best friend
and now you've decided our journey should end.
So many tears, so many memories, they haunt me like a ghost
of all the others before, I will always love you the most
If I could change the past or move mountains with my faith
I would not be in such agony from the haunting of the wraith
Shadows of you in my mind, on my heart, falling in my tears
stinging pain as I know the end of us comes closer and nears
I want to strike back, make you hurt like you've hurt me
so I say things I dont mean, hurt you selfishly
please dont break my heart I beg you now, I beg you still
because darling I love you now and I always


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    • bruzzbuzz profile image


      7 years ago from Texas , USA

      Nice poems. You have a good style. I liked all of them but especially the first one about love. I look forward to reading more.

    • David Legg 7 profile image

      David Legg 7 

      7 years ago from Trout Paradise, Colorado

      Very thought provoking collection of poetry. I like the last one best, it's the one that most made me stop on ponder. Keep writing!


    • Smokes Angel profile imageAUTHOR

      Smokes Angel 

      7 years ago from Broke Alabama

      thank you so much for reading Frank and the add!

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      7 years ago from Shelton

      what a wonderful little collection of poetry.. covers a wide varity -- some draining, some emotional and very well written :) up and awesome, and interesting :)


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