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Personal Reflections on Nature and the Human Spirit

Updated on October 7, 2016

Dreaming of Nature


Nature's Song

The fog rises from the canyons

The soul wakes from its sleep-

The open mountains envelope me

for once I can finally breathe deep.

Here, one with nature,

I embrace the world that abounds.

A silence that is calming-

Listening to all of earth's sounds.

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Earth Rattles, We Wait

The earth rattles from coast to coast

As volcanoes begin to erupt.

Sea levels rise, innocence dies...

The changes are strangely abrupt.

Quake after quake,

We sit and we wait,

Thinking that all this will pass.

But storms keep on brewing,

While nature keeps stewing,

We put this flame to the gas.

The Beauty of Nature's Stillness

Appreciate the Sanctity of Nature

Poem for a Broken Planet

The world has been broken,

like a mirror thrown from the Empire State Building.

Nothing is gained by staring at our downfalls,

Stop the blaming, and begin the rebuilding.

Acting like we are all each other's enemies-

Unification is our only hope.

Stop pointing fingers at others,

Our back is against the rope.

Too caught up in war and hate

Not worrying about the masses.

Electing politicians who build cities on sand-

We stand at watch as it crashes.

This is one of my favorite books of poetry and I highly recommend this to any poetry lovers.

Nature Haikus

Escape to nature

Find yourself amidst the trees-

Just let yourself be.

Lonely tree stands tall-

Proving the strength of nature,

From it we can learn.

We have lost ourselves.

We've forgotten what matters.

Prioritize, please.

Nature is mystic.

It is serene when untouched.

Treasure it's beauty.

Escape your chamber-

Four walls of solitude.

Let the sun shine in.

Nature is essence.

The essence of the spirit.

Unite- become one.

Take a deep breath in-

Realize that you are alive.

Now is the moment.

Be quiet, be still.

Nature is speaking to you.

Listen to earth's cries.

We Can Fix the World

First Day of School

Welcome to class, is it your first day

Come with me now, I'll show you the way-

Down the first hallway, turn to your right.

There's your classroom- with doors locked up tight.

Here are the guards, and yes, they have guns.

Here is the playground, go son, have fun.

The Concrete Jungle

Under the concrete lies a land-

A place unknown to man.

It's mystical, it's beautiful-

it's nature, and she was here first.

Man may try to suppress her,

but she will rise up in the end.

The truth of the matter is sorrowful-

that nature is earth's only friend.

I'd Like to Buy Some Freedom, Sir.


We Are the Unknown Soldiers

We are the faceless soldiers,

are names remain unknown.

We don't fight wars abroad,

we fight the war at home.

Our troops are "saving" nations,

who do not need our aid.

We turn our heads with apathy-

but at heart, we're all afraid.

Scared our freedom's fleeting

and that democracy has failed.

People in need are ignored,

while the bankers get their bail.

All of us who march in line- we are all at risk.

Ruled by leaders who trick us- to rule with their iron-fist.

Land of the Free, Home of the Slaves

Welcome to America

the land of the brave.

Freedom is bought here,

the rest are enslaved.

Jails overrun with

innocent people.

High in their skyscrapers,

sit the true evil.

They deal the cards,

they play the hands-

We are just puppets,

this is their land.

Faceless People, Crowds of Sheep

The God Complex

An opiate of the masses-

rose colored glasses.

Sheep in a herd

One word - absurd.

They flock to their churches,

Their mosques and their temples.

They pray to some god,

they sing and assemble.

Preaching of love, spreading the peace

While still causing wars to increase and increase.

As people lay dying, mothers are crying-

Don't say that you live what you preach.


Dear Mr. Orwell,

your fears have come true.

Big brother is watching,

but I'm watching too.

As if no one's looking,

they break the laws.

They think their exceptions-

their logic is flawed.

A department of crooks,

"protecting" the streets-

A game that is rigged

so they can't be beat.

The Illusion of Religion

© 2014 Kathleen Odenthal


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