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Poem - Anti Love

Updated on February 12, 2017

She loved him as she never loved before,
She went so far like there was no wall,
She found themselves in the depth of passion,
A place somewhere never before she explored,
Growing desires and dreams poured her in wild honey,
She was drowned to death and only thing alive was a brightening soul.

But the day came when she had to decide and choose what was wise,
She was trapped in a dark hollow place, she could see no light,
The only thing she knew was that her feeling was dying,
Where emptiness and heaviness gripped her at the same time,
And in spite of the deepest love, she chose to go aside,
How painful it was, it seemed the darkest time of her life,

The pain it was causing her, was the most hurtful ever she felt,
But she had to go for the sake of the best,
She knew once she would go further it would only be the worst,
She was scared of being broken and losing herself,
She was scared of being controlled and torn apart,
She was scared of destroying everything by herself as a sorrowful result.

She took this call to save what all was left,
To save their souls from being burnt, to save the feeling of love,
It seemed so unfair to her to separate herself from her own self,
Dreams they dreamed together started washing off,
And all the desires were slipping from her hands,
Suddenly she felt so lost, all her smile and charm were gone,
But she knew it was destined as the reason of coming together had reached to its end,
And sometimes for the betterment, two need to be apart and walk on different paths.

© 2017 Divya Merh


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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 15 months ago


      Yes, very well said dear :) Totally agree with you :)

    • Divya Merh profile image

      Divya Merh 15 months ago

      Thanks Ashish, I believe in writing from the heart because what comes from inside one's heart it goes deeper in the other's.

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 15 months ago


      Wow, very beautifully waved poem.

      I can feel the pain of each word. I am sure these words are directly landed from your heart.

      Keep it up girl.

      Bless you.