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Poem - Meditation

Updated on February 12, 2017

It's a pleasant morning with a smile on my face,

so peaceful I feel in this manic life's race.

No doubt, this is a gift and blessings of God,

this is a serenity, to achieve, one should go intense or beyond.

Allow yourself to access a sense of tranquility,

no matter what all is going on around your seat.

The deeper you go, the nearer you reach the almighty,

just cool down your thoughts and throw out all the negativity.

Let me guide you to begin your journey on the path of enlightenment,

and show you the beauty of this practice called meditation.

Every day, I wake up so fresh, since I started to talk to my inner self,

I just play a soothing music and sit relaxed, closing my eyes.

I focus on my breathing deeply in and out,

I feel so calm and harmonious, no matter, how loud the outer world shout.

It quiets my mind and let my soul speak, my spirit sparkles,

and I find myself at the station called peace.

It helps me to know myself and my hidden potential,

by clearing my head and making me surrender to wisdom.

I feel connected to god the moment I meet my soul,

the light of the heart engulfs me and it feels so pure.

I chant 'OM' repeatedly and concentrate more,

it heals my Chakra and makes me healthy and strong.

When I disconnect from this outer world and go so far,

I see a light shining so bright in the dark.

Entering that luster, I reach a most beautiful noiseless planet,

after seeing widely around, I find it nowhere but my dreamland.

I can see the pleasing scenery and a mesmerizing view,

I could never see it with my open eyes.

Which is in front when my eyes are closed,

this vista will be secure in my eyes for long.

The true happiness, I get here, could never be found before,

sitting alone at the side of a green lake, surrounded by the trees and waterfalls.

I am feeling the silence, which maintains the positive vibes all around,

chirping birds and multicolored flowers change the entire surround.

Butterflies fluttering around the garden, under the blue sky,

I am sitting on the clouds, touching the rainbow above my head, oh, what a beautiful sight.

It starts raining and pouring and I find myself on a wide ground,

I get drenched in the shower of flowers, when I see Lord Krishna, playing the flute.

This auspicious sight and divine music fills me with a true sense of love,

what I see here, thrills me deeply and I feel like, I got everything here.

I come back in the real world and slowly open my eyes,

this seems to be the most pleasing moment and a best of the best times.

This is how I start my day, it gives me a clear vision,

meditation is a life of soul and a pursuit of nothingness.

Meditation is the source of the true happiness, which is determined by what's happening within you,

meditation is not about being carried away by our regrets, anger or worries, but to allow the positive healing to take its place after which, you become more and more you.


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