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Poems about dreams, mysticism and inner battles part 1

Updated on January 25, 2012

The Last Laugh

Ah! I’m going back there again

Down, deep down memory lane

The place where I tried to take shelter

The steps unstepped for so long feeling the chill through the shoe

The unopened doors shaking they’re haunted by the feel of my presence

I enter

Like I'm rewinding back in time the rusted dust releasing by my exhalation

The clock that kept hanging is stuck to the hour

Words that I left behind still echo in the ignored sound

They’re waiting...

They wait!

The promises stuck in the webs all eaten up by spiders

My dream trying to hide from the cruel reality - maybe still alive somewhere

And this is the last time I'll cry

Before I have the last laugh.

Siren of the avenger

Bright sunlight trenching through the dark night

It’s to be dawn again

Still so dark in their cages

The notes have started ringing and the slaughtering has begun

But no matter how slow the wheel has to turn

And the hazy red light in the invisible horizon is indicating

The siren of the avenger.


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