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Poems about dreams, mysticism and inner battles part 4

Updated on January 25, 2012

What a great time!

Waiting in the stillness till i can see the rainfall

Racing down from the hills and valleys

Only a few good men get to see

The dark clouds bringing the downpour slowly reaching me

It’s getting wet and dark outside, so quiet

Dense fog all over in my dark lonely room

What a great time for my revenge!

Have been here since the first cause,

Back in those days when I was slayed

And it’s that time of the day

What a great time for my revenge!

No one ever thought about me I’m gonna think about me

And I’ll refuse to die today

I’ll come out of my casket from my premature burial

Like rising from a million years of hybernation

Since the mythical times

And I’ll destroy a thousand years of ruined history

To find that one corner of dreams in this deprived universe of mystery

What a great time for my revenge!

I am forever.


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