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Poems and Poetry: The Land Of Many Wonders

Updated on March 2, 2012


I’ve been to the land of Pharaoh

The land of endless sand

And a little rain

Peopled by light skinned people

The people who thousand years ago

Built structures that today excite

The organs of wonder of the world.

The land of hieroglyphic writing

And landmarks like mummies and

Tombs in the valley of kings

The land of famous temples

Spiritual home of the mystics in pharaonic times

In which much of mankind’s early

Histories were recorded.

Nile its lifeblood

The land that introduced new pictures

To the gallery of my memory.

As I move around the land of

Pyramids the charm of my adventure

Sweetened my sensation.

Return I must to drink in more of

The wonders of creativity and

To the people of Egypt I say

Salaam Aleikum.


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