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Life Goes Through Different Stages

Updated on March 24, 2015

Old Man

Life goes through different stages

Once a young, vibrant boy has become

Old, frail-looking man with snow-like hair,

A man that had his mouth full of teeth

Now gives toothless grin; his face

Wrinkled from age

Age rounded his stubborn shoulders and

Infirmity softened his more abrasive edges

He became gradually less formidable,

Less self-righteous and less prone to

Poisonous outbursts he was known for

The man who had walked on his two legs

Now need a walking stick to move due to

His weak, arthritic legs due to age

All these gave him the aura of a wise

Sage from a bygone time sitting down

On a stump that served as his chair

Giving advice to younger people as a mystic

Who sees into the unseen realms because of

Experiences acquired due to many years

Spent in the cosmic school called planet earth.


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