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Dawn Must Come

Updated on April 11, 2016

Sadness is Behind me

As I moved with you

I looked back and

Saw the storm clouds

On the horizon behind us

But as we linked our hands

Riding away from them

We felt as if we were

Rushing down the highway of

Happiness as we moved away from

The treat of rain and wind

And cold

In the distance before me

The sky was bright, blue

Warm and inviting

Surely that meant that all

Sadness and ugliness was behind me

Proving that no matter how long

Darkness prevail dawn will surely come

Dear wife without doubt it has been

A long, tortuous journey; thank God

We survived it.


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    • tonymodus profile image

      tonymodus 3 years ago

      This is my darling wife of 27 years.

    • tonymodus profile image

      tonymodus 5 years ago

      Thinking positively is the key to success.

    • Senoritaa profile image

      Senoritaa 5 years ago

      Nice picture of happy thoughts.

    • profile image

      artistlife 5 years ago

      This poem is full of beauty and hope, it draws me in and paints a picture, like a painting.