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Stop Worrying and Start Living

Updated on April 10, 2016

Stop Worrying and Start Living

Dump that look on your face

Like a runner forcing himself

To complete a race already lost.

Stop tearing about like

A chicken with its head off.

Thoughts of how to live

A life good elude you

Darting in and out of

Your mind like a frightened hen.

Many have suffered crushing

Misfortunes and hadn’t been crushed.

They’ve suffered acutely from brutal

Circumstances but they bowed gracefully

And maintained air of gaiety and lightness

Of heart.

Fate had broken their necks but never

Their hearts.

They’d been without hopes but smiled

At life.

A people whom storms doesn’t ruffle

The serene core of their being but no

Matter how we tried we feel life is

Too brutal and too hostile for us to

Gloss over its hardness with a smile

But how far can you go with a load of

Aching memories; allowing hope fall away

From you as quickly as leaves fall from trees

In the cold, winter wind.

Discard the lost-dog look in your eyes

Stop worrying and start living.


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    • iva dragostinova profile image

      iva dragostinova 6 years ago from Brighton, UK

      Very nicely put. Thank you.