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Candles Are Lit: A Christmas Poem

Updated on December 19, 2017

Candles are lit, they're all aglow

See them flicker in the snow.

Candles are lit, they're all alight

Chasing the darkness out of the night.

Legend tells us that Christ walks the earth

on Christmas Eve the night of his birth.

So light a candle to show him the way

and welcome him in for Christmas Day.

Should Christ come and knock at your door,

Make room at your table for one more.

His appearance may be as a man,

a dog, a cat, a bird or a lamb.

So under your table lay out hay,

and welcome him no matter which way.

So light the candle that shows them the way

and welcome them in for Christmas Day.

What you do unto the least of mine

you do unto me, said Christ one time

So don't turn away any form of life

You may be turning out Jesus Christ.

My candles are lit, they're all aglow

See them flicker in the snow.

My candles are lit, they're all alight

inviting Christ in out of the night.

LLS (1989) © (1990)


This poem is my pride and joy. Written as lyrics for a Christmas Carole it tells the traditional Italian belief that Christ returns to earth on Christmas Eve. On the feast of the seven fishes, the tradition is that on Christmas Eve you open your house to whomever or whatever comes to your door and feed them because whether it is a person or animal, it may be Jesus returned.

I have written a screen story of the same name that depicts what this poem is all about


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