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Poems by LLS - Childhood Memories

Updated on August 16, 2009

Lush green forests giving up misty, silvery dew to a radiant morning sun

As a cottontail bunny nibbles innocently the clover in my yard.

Squeals of "freeze" or "Your it" pervading the midday sunshine

As friends play Hide and Seek or Release on a cobble stone street.

Gray and black billowy clouds rolling thunderously across an afternoon sky

While glorious white and silver streaks of lighting pierce the Earth.

Children clasping hands, singing and dancing merrily round and round

To a folk tune strummed on a banjo and play on a harmonica in a neighbor’s yard..

Evening cookouts filled with Hot Dogs, home made ice cream and cake;

As the orange and red sun sinks majestically into the Western skyline.

Impromptu sleep outs of blanketed, yet shivering, friends,

On a crowded porch on a still black night telling ghost stories.

By placing these remembrances into one day

My childhood is captured for eternity.

LLS - 2009


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