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Poems by LLS - I lied

Updated on November 19, 2014

Sweetie Baby, I lied – oh how I lied.

I said I'd be okay when you said goodbye!

Now you’re gone and I’m so alone.

I’d give anything to hear you on the phone!

We were best friends, campanions and lovers.

Nothing was too much to do for each other.

Silence is golden but of that I’m not fond.

Crossing over has severed our unity, our bond.

Silent moments with you were never cold,

Our eyes communicated and wonders did unfold.

Sweetie Babe, I lied – oh how I lied

I said I would be okay when you whispered goodbye.

I trod along the same paths that we walked.

If only the trees and flowers could talk.

I know they feel you whispering near.

You, sweetie baby, have nothing to fear.

I lay awake in the darkness of night.

Hoping to see the hallway of light.

I Know that you're there at the end,

Waiting to say, “Welcome my friend!”

Sweetie Babe, I lied – oh how I lied.

I said I’m okay as you breathed goodbye!


LLS - 11/20/2002


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  • Tom Cornett profile image

    Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

    Written like a song...nice job! :)