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Poems by LLS - The Eternal Stairway

Updated on March 20, 2016

Magnificent columns of filtering light

connect the blue sky with the earth

a soul returning to heaven

a baby decending to birth.


When the feathery clouds open

and reveal this awesome sight

we know that one or the other

is transcending the eternal flight.


No steps are clearly visible

upon this glorious trail

God made this wonderful vision

revealing heaven's link so frail.


So when you see the Eternal Stairway

come out of the universe's layer

remember all the traveling souls

and praise God in devout prayer.

LLS (2004)

The phenomena of lights filtering from the sky onto the earth's surface has been an inspiration for spiritual stirrings in some of us. I confess that when I observe such clouds and the streams of light that I am reminded of all the souls that are travelling between here and the promised beyond that follows death.


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