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Poems for Children about Animals

Updated on May 12, 2015
Geoffrey Otieno profile image

Geoffrey is a 42 year old actor, director, playwrite, novel author and online freelance writer; he is a graduate of Literature and Sociology

Monkey on a Tree
Monkey on a Tree | Source

1. The Monkey

Did you say my tail is long

Swinging down the branch

Telling me I look forlorn

Hanging in you ranch

Don’t you know I like my tail

While betting on my hunch

That very soon you’ll set sail

Your farm will be my lunch

Did you just shoo me away

With rocks to drive your point

Asking me to go astray

Far away from your plot

You don’t want me to eat your fruits

That you’ll sell in the market

You don’t want me to drink your juice

That you’ve stored in a packet

You scare me to run away

I promise I will be back

And I'll have the final say

Don't count on your luck

You’ll get to know the truth one day

Then clearly understand

In your tree I must stay

That remains my stand

From tree to tree I sway

With your fruits I land

And that's the monkey way.


2) The Caterpillar

Crawling low on many legs

Going slowly ever sure

There's not a chance that I will fall

I will get home in the end

Follow me all those who can

Down the narrow cracks

My back is long with many joints

On each I have some legs

They made a train to look like me

With many many wheels

To carry many passengers

Down the scary tunnels

The snake has tried to look like me

But poor thing has no legs

He crawls along his belly sore

Completely with no swag

I come to town with lots of grace

My ribs don't ache so much

The scorpion tried to look like me

He raises naughty stings

Oh he looks so terrible

And surely not like me

I am soft and I have long hair

You call me creepy crawly

I make your body itch

But worry not I mean no harm

I’m just a caterpillar


3) The Cow

I give you milk and butter too

I give you meat and hide for shoes

I give you calves to grow your wealth

And all I get is hay and water

What am I what am I?

You trim my horns and make me weak

You send the dogs to drive me out

You make me eat the grass

You make me lick the salty bar

You mount your horse to drive me home

And take out all my milk

I mow down the grass for you

I moo away the mice and fox

I huff and puff when trouble comes

I’m big and strong but I obey

I live in a pen and lick my young

I clip clop clip on hooves

I raise my tail and run

I scare the kids who cry

Though I don’t attack

Even though I’m so huge

I only obey, when I'm told to move

What am I? I’m a cow.


4) The Deer

I dart in the bush and dart on the path

With spots on my back and horns on my head

I ran very fast, when you give chase

I run on my hooves and live in the bush

But I love the open grass

You love my color and my spots

But I’ll never live with you

I leap as I run and run as I leap

Until I disappear

No sooner am I gone than swiftly return

To browse the leaves and the grass

I chew and chew and chew

Every time I lie in the shade

And when I rise I browse again

Then I rush to the pool

I drink water very fast

Before my hunters come

Today you’ll come to scare me

Just to watch me run

I run and run you laugh in fun

And want to run with me

I run much faster though

Because I am a deer


5) The Dinosaur

I was once here when you were not there

I was feared by all, I was bigger than all

When I walked around, the whole earth shook

And animals disappeared

They all avoided, my stamping foot

I’m no longer here

I’m forever gone

You find me in the museum

Where my bones, now remain

But all the flesh is gone

None could face me in a fight

They all just ran away

I ate some leaves and some small trees

I liked the fruits in truth

I walked above the forest roof

Because I was so tall

I’m no longer here

I’m forever gone

You can find me in the museum

Where my bones, now remain

But all the flesh is gone

When I screeched all would scatter

Scared for their lives

My voice was so loud

My steps just shook the earth

My foot was big enough

To crush an elephant

Until I died away

And now I'm gone, and gone for good

Once a dinosaur


6) The Goose

I wobble wobble wobble down to the pond

I wiggle wiggle wiggle as I strut around

I shuffle shuffle shuffle

To preen my feathers clean

I dive into the water

And away I swim

I wobble wooble wobble out of the pond

I wiggle wiggle wiggle to show my white feathers

I scratch and scratch and sratch

With my webbed feet

And then is start to run

And fly into the sky

I stretch my flat beak

To scare kids away

I walk with all my chicks

In one straight line

When we swim in the pond

It’s one straight line

When we fly in the sky

It’s one straight line

Gurgle gurgle gurgle my beak in the mud

Swallow swallow swallow in go the worms

Up down, up down, I ride on the waves

In out, in out, my head goes into water

Swing left, swing right I spin over the water

And then with a dive, I disappear

I bob up again

And I swim again

Then I wobble out

Then I fly again

All across the sky

The others follow me

All in line, we all have fun

High above the world

Such is my life

For I am a goose


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    • profile image

      geoffrey 3 years ago

      Really glad you appreciate them. I'll endeavor to write more. Thanks

    • profile image

      Shara63 3 years ago

      Beautiful poems of animals.....not only children but grown ups specially those who love nature with all its beautiful innates will like this composition equally...thankyou for sharing this out here!