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Poems from Other Worlds!

Updated on February 13, 2016

A message from the unborn

(for Roy Everton “Chucky” Palmer) Thanks for the name elder!

Corey the Horii,

Tell us a story.

About love and poetry.

About faith and glory.

Like children playing,

Or parents praying.

You make us feel better,

With two or three letters.

Corey the Horii,

From whence came you?

Andromeda or Tau Ceti,

Is too near to be true.

Girls say you are a special specie,

Because you make health from the tree.

Boys say you are a king,

‘Cause you shine like a wedding ring.

Corey the Horii,

Make more of we.

Boys to explore,

Girls to “do free”.

You need more wives

They enrich and make lives

Plus you don’t bloody cook.

Oatmeal have us shook

There is a planet to inherit,

There is hidden knowledge we have to ferret

Don’t put us in the girls’ mouths,


Contributed by:

Karal Lamar Mashoshe aka Larak

Spirit of Chaos


For the dead

I feel you near I, hovering about, watching I -

Real yet unreal; it is comforting to know where you are,

You’ve always been kind to I & I’s skin.

With perfumes and lotions and sweetening potions,

You used to rub away I & I sin.

Now I stretch for the gin and tonic, missing you

Feeling blue...

I reach for the higher heights,

But as I accede and submit to the rites and discipline,

I find you nearer from within.

For although the grave takes the ether,

Yet the memories stay forever.

You suggest that I should not say who I am,

But what harm could that do to me?

The eternal true and Living, I have NO FEAR!

I am the firstborn of the Sun…

Bright like Calabar and black like tar.

They name I “Do Evil”,

But in THEIR hands are the gun and the needle!

I tell you it’s still a game even by the pretty names,

Some die from a lust for fame others

Perish from poor aim, for me everything is everything,

And every day is almost the same.

Most times the boat sails smooth and steady,

But that don’t never stop me from

Putting on the boom rock – in and out, up and down;

Beside and below, through and around.

I love it when the people scream,

As if they want to wake I from the dream.

So now you know I know myself, the herbs keep me calm.

Know that evil imaginings can do I NO HARM.

So if you wish, you may revisit me on this plane,

But then you must know that I am the master of the game.

Savage like a lion and as meek as a lamb,

The ladies line-up lustily, for the superior ghetto slam.

R.I.P. Astley Hitchman, Whitty “Gob” Clarke, Jasper Betton Jr., Casey A. Jobson, Allan & Ivy Palmer. Love Always!


Nadine and Ashley

Two of my favorite people. Been with me through thick and thin. The love CANNOT end.
Two of my favorite people. Been with me through thick and thin. The love CANNOT end.

Time and time again

For Nadine

December 9th, 1991.

My Dearest Love,

Time and time again I have spoken of my love, of the depths of emotion or of the heights of sensation which your tender love has afforded me.

Time and time again I have spoken of your sleek magnificent beauty blinding my eyes to everything but yourself.

I have heard your smooth sultry voice singing whispered everythings into, what was before your eyes, a lost soul. Speaking of tomorrows I had never envisioned, giving me reasons to live by promising to be there with me.

Time and time again, I have spoken of us together, of how we love to make love, our bodies touching in a symphonic tribute to pleasure and to ourselves…yes.

Time and time again, I have spoken of our love.

I have not spoken however, of your tremendous belief in me, or of your smiling eyes which say loud, the things you don’t want said.

It is for all these things, spoken and unspoken, that I love you, it is for all these things that I wish to be with you, it is for all these things indeed, that you will find you... within my heart, time and time again. Love.



For Monica

Another night is what I spy in the sky,

Another occasion for me to try.

To show and display another way,

That leads to the sunlight of another day.

We still don’t respect or love one another,

Because of another issue, we say we can’t bother.

In another time, this condition would be inexcusable,

But now, another choice is definitely refusable.

Now I don’t know if I can attend another funeral,

Or go to war for another general

I will not drink Flavor-Aid another time, and

At this point, it’s easy to make another rhyme.

My daughter says that she belongs to another father,

In another eternity, I would die with laughter.

And another thing, why is my lane so dark?

With another of those damned Rottweilers, waiting to bark.

I’m cautious these days of taking another lover,

One way or another, it would have to be undercover.

One thing I don’t want is another wife,

Another woman, fanning the flames of strife.

Give me love and I’ll reciprocate, one to another.

Don’t be another fool! Be a friend, a child, a lover.

Another source of stress, I will not accept

But I can love you forever without another regret.

I hear another song playing, so I must go…

Another time you may sing slow, and comb my Afro.

Contributed by:

Khadijah Der-Salaam aka Logic

My Declaration to Humanity

(big up Sting! R.I.P.) Written: June 02, 2011.

Because you don’t know what is true,

You don’t know what to do.

Life is a mystery without your history;

Wait for others to show you a sign

And you will die a billion times.

Plus I prefer to keep you in pain –

When you do not use your brain.

Imagine life which has no love,

Where Heaven is not here but way above

Well, that is just what you will go through,

When in ignorance you misconstrue.

And believe it is no hair off my back –

I have life! Which you lack.

I studied for six hundred million years,

Before I ascended to this post.

So for fools I will shed no tears

See, I have the respect of the Most.

Because of my diligence and faithful application –

He made me Lord of this Creation.

So now I say to the hypocrites,

Repent of your evil ways.

No sagacity can match my wits;

Plus I’ll torment you for endless days.

It’s about life for the intelligent –

And for the fools… wrinkles with their grays.

There is no profit in hate

Unless you know the price of life

Plus poverty is its mate

Not to mention ignorance, disease and strife

Now is the time to destroy crime

The Groom is present; let wedding bells begin to chime.

Don’t let the doorknob hit your ass

With your evil conception

There is an examination to pass

If you want to inherit Creation.

But most don’t take it seriously

And others just do not know.

They say we are here mysteriously,

And there is no way to grow.

Well! I have cedar and pine for all those idiots!

Plus plenty of velvet and sponge for the panga box.

And God is with us, he spares us pain

After just fifty years,

We can bury another fool, in that same spot again!

Signed: SATAN aka: Memnoch El Farech, aka: Soundboy.

Spirit and Us (or Get with It)

For Suzette Marshall (Big up Miss Del and Granny Barnes)

I am consciousness,

And consciousness means Spirit.

Spirit means GOD,

So you better get with it!

If I am GOD,

So are YOU, unless…

You have let go of what is true.

There is no crime,

In being Divine.

But divinity is Mentality,

Standards are of extremely high quality.

So you should understand

That GOD is the Nature of Man.

So the first thing to do,

Is recognize the Woman.

Some say she is weak

Some talk ‘bout she a freak,

They just don’t know

So they will never grow.

The Woman is sufficient

When times are deficient

Round the fire she makes fashion

And in the bed supplies passion

She is conscious like Me, and We agree

She is consciousness and that is Spirit

So she is GOD! Fucking get with it!

Contributed by:Karal Lamar Mashoshe

aka Larak-Ramal (Spirit of Chaos)

I predict

For Junior and Delmar (By Cammy)

It is livity rather than language that makes the nigger!

Whether or not you nah feed upon beef.

Whether or not you nah quick to pull the trigger.

But some want to prove that them is bigger;

Some want illicit figures! I tell them, “The whole of you are wrong.”

Now watch them carry the whole world along and down into hell,

To the bottom of the well, where everything is now for sale...

From the Love to a pail, from the Eagle to a quail.

I wonder what Jesus would say, if he was here today?

It’s all contrary like a black peccary roaming all alone

In the icy deserts of Patagone. Ain’t no difference if you’re wary,

For the devil owns the cherry and the tree,

We have to blow him away to be free.

But some don’t like my sound, they want him around;

Burning the ground, making mischief into melee,

So that they can see evil through with complete security.

Well, now that I know… that shit is dead. You heard me! I’m fed

Right up to the neck, with words or lead we wreck

This chaotic organization that is within Creation.

Maybe Garvey would smile if he could see this child.

Within the clan, we know who is the Man. We almost ran...

But that was yesterday. Now we fan the flames of revolution,

To bring an end to prostitution and all evil institution.

Conscious of tomorrow we take on today’s sorrow,

To spare the children’s delicate constitution. From the clash

Of the titans we crash and learn, to end the slash and burn,

Demonic project earn no cash. Instead they are gone in a flash

Flood… We wash away all fake solutions!

And pollutions of the Mind. Peace and Joy we find

It is Utopia in the design so that all mankind can unwind.

It’s the same thing again, I can tell from the pain, just

Check out the rain, ain’t no bleaching sin’s stain. We worry

About death while the church says not to fret, we want to say

Not yet, but most still end up wet and don’t have nothing to get!

The girls still twitch when they walk, you still have to switch

Them to talk, with all this effort the world is still dark...

Ain’t no laughing to Daemon’s lark, ain’t no being the Devil’s

Mark, ain’t no playing in the fiend’s park. At least not ever

For me. I man intend to be free. Me and my crew on one

Endless infinite sexing spree!

Cammy Back in the Day!

This was back when I still smoked weed, and had hair! LOL!
This was back when I still smoked weed, and had hair! LOL!

Wednesday’s Song (For Andrea)

Rhymes by Cammy

I see belief as one road to truth

I know that knowledge is another route.

Wisdom don’t come from others in the form of not

Knowledge is free from lies and mindless rot.

Come to the light that shines from within

Flee internal fights and release your sin.

Until the way is made clear for all

Without the Father, we will surely fall.

Ghosts of the past invade some dreams

Others hold fast to failed plots and schemes.

But the losing battle concerns the children

The responsibility I owe for the love given.

The pride I decide to ride when I see my bride

Should not be my motivator nor be my guide.

But some think that God is a tool to abuse

Well listen to Love later, when I light my fuse.

To see is to be in this business of mine,

I accept all who come, be they PHAT or fine.

I spend all lumpsum, be it cash or kind.

And if there is a problem, I’ll simply resign!

There are others who can do it, even better than me

All they have to do to ascend is to simply agree.

But will it ever happen; only one guy knows

And he’s not talking, at least not until he grows.

Brutish bellows from below keep I black, toasty and warm

All I require to retire are three giddy girls on my arm.

But power is addictive, and I’ve been on it long.

When I go, I return, hoping that nothing is not wrong.

And even when all is good, I go seeking faults

Watch me checking the picks, tweaking the vaults.

Lots will be thrown for the throne – my power seat.

When finally through dust I go to the long sleep beneath.

When finally through dust I go to the long sleep beneath.


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