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Poems from Puppy Dog Love Days

Updated on September 6, 2012

"There was so much sadness in everything, even when things worked." - Charles Bukowski

Unrequited Obsession

I look at her when she isn’t looking at me - my eyes, too shy to ever meet her vibrantly beautiful emerald gaze. I keep on my face a disguise, a mask of emotionless ennui to hide the boiling passions behind the calmness of my stare. There is too much to tell her, but so very little time. I speak, but find myself unable to hear myself as my thoughts overshadow the unconscious rambling words spewing from my lips like a bedlam of lies. She doesn’t answer me. I keep silent and press my lips tightly together - afraid I may tell her something I don’t really mean. My heart bangs against my ribs in a sense of urgency - prodding me ruthlessly to keep her from turning away, but I do not follow its cries. My limbs remain motionless as if I had been paralyzed. My ankles locked in invisible shackles with my hands frozen by my sides. I was too late. There was no time left. There was always never enough time.

Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous - all words which are incapable of describing the brevity of her striking image. She is everything to me - an obsession tailored to my needs and wants to bait my soul into delirious delight. The piercing stare of those two unbelievably green eyes. My body becomes alight with fiery desire! I cannot contain the passions stirring deep within me as I stare and gaze longingly at her walk, not towards me, but farther away from me. Everything stops in time - a frozen picture reflecting a sadness that almost cannot be contained. If only I can hold the image in my hands and never let it go. I refuse to let the stilled photo move forward deeper in time, but is only in vain. If only she were mine, and remained the way I envisioned her for all eternity. But she moves out of sight and never returns - leaving me with only the fading memory of her beauty.

Lyrical Profession
Your glowing complexion and your radiant beauty
compares to no other
I mean it truly
Those words which escape your lips
leaves me wanting to place a kiss
on the mouth sighing sorrows of morrow
Isolation leaves you breathless
Caged in with no chance against the relentless
A smile fades and disappears on the face of beauty
The pallid color of an old-time movie
You watch as the film presses on
Confused and frightened at the rise of a new dawn
Sad and gloomy you speak words that echo in my heart
“We were always meant to be apart.”

Stinging tears screaming for release from my eyes
Looking for a release from the pain
Always in vain
Always stuck on the numbness of Novocaine
Screaming till my throats burn with confessions of my sins


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