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Poems of Hate & Revenge

Updated on February 2, 2012

Poems of Hate & Revenge

I shall never forget

Governing the time

Trying to phrase the line

Make everything right

Waiting for the right place to shine

The whole sun you ate up!

I shall never forget...

Running to the end of the universe

Where, how far

Collapsing on the knees desperately,

Failing time and time again

The worst days of my life appear!

I shall never forget...

More than life itself,

Maybe I’d wait

Maybe I’d avenge

Maybe I’ll make you realise the biggest mistake of your life

Cause I can’t ever forget

Like a pop machine claps the whole sky,

I fall

Humiliating myself to the entertainment of all

You enjoy with’em?!

Should i ever forget!!

Trying to justify the guilt

You find a million scars and a billion stars

You remind me…

Straight to my face you spit

In the midst of light you kick me straight to shit

You’ve been the best I’ve been through

You were the real most thing too

I spent the best times of my life,

Without you...

I shall never forget!

Beauty is the beast

Beauty is the uglieast beast

Even since we’ve craved beauty

Ever since desire

Beauty induces un-fraternity

Beauty invokes violence

Beauty is what makes the beast – a beast

Beauty breaks hearts as if duty

Not feeling any regrets or any second thoughts

Beauty finds herself to be not guilty

Cause it’s the pyramid which says so

The pyramid of the nature

Where beauty is the most powerful predator

But that’s how beauty survives

Beauty feeds on the beast

Beauty is the uglieast beast

Barbie and G.I.Joe

We are the hungry naked men

Windows we can wipe for a buck

Dare dream to shop

We run out before a use

Salts make us sprinkle sadistic pleasure

Just poorer day by day

Hungrier day by day

Our religion only serves the hymen and science the rich

Society was never even there

We are the hungry naked men

Cars we’ll clean for a slice of bread

Dare to look at the dog and his bone

"You are the dog" they said

He yelled indignantly or cried silently

In the night

Then a piece of bread they threw away

Damn! He’d bite the dogs to get his share

Man will be man again

We are the hungry, naked men

There’s no revolution, no leaders

Just dyers among us

A funny incident

"10% of all the world’s nuclear weaponry

Is enough to bring down eternal winter"

- you’ll be galloping snow for the rest of your

Sun-less life!

And the fat dude finished his snack,

Brisked off his hands,

Put tobacco in his mouth and with all his leisure he said -

“What do you think is the solution?”

Your death! that’s what!

You fat fuck!

Death to all fat fucks who take everything casually

Live to eat and gain more fat

I hope you gag snow for the rest of your

Sun-less life.

Fairy tales

You have been convicted with being ugly

And been granted life punishment

The poet hates ugly

The artist scorns ugly

Kids learn to hate ugly

In the fairytales of beautiful princesses and handsome princes

Ugly has no right to live

No, not even in fantasy

Ugly must always lose

Children learn to hate ugly

Sweet child sweeter if it hates ugly

Die cutie pie

Cutie pie is super cute

Her teeth are shiny too

Cutie pie smiles to all

She’s got a great smile dude

Cutie pie believes in

Women’s empowerment

Likes getting fucked in the ass too

Roughed up, tied and manipulated

She loves breaking hearts too

She hangs out with the big shots

Just to taste all their ‘glue’

Cutie pie acts intelligent

But she’s a dumb bitch too

Die cutie pie fucking bitch die

With a mouth full of spunk

Neck fucked and a bunch of broken teeth

Im too smart for cutie pie

I broke all her shiny teeth

So I could fuck her mouth and not get bit

She wouldn’t she loves it just didn’t wanna risk

Cutie pie is a fucking bitch

She fucking deserves it

Cutie pie is a team player

She cares for everyone’s needs

When the need comes she’ll be the first one who flees

Save your ass from a beating bitch

We know you like the fucking

Cutie pie is a hypocrite, but aren’t all we?

Cutie pie is super cute

And she’s got all her teeth

She’s a real life actor, but then again...

Aren't all we?

Blood white

Blood white these cells of regen

Blood red this desire

Blood all over inside outside

Looks good to be me

Nobody wants to be me

Life will give you only one choice to be just one thing

And I’m stuck I can’t be anyone else

Blood flows this time clock

Seconds tick inside outside

Time doesn’t fly

When you’re me time gets stuck on you

You want it be over with

But it mocks you

With it’s taunting smile putting the L- word in your head


Blood red this love

Blood clot this life

Nothing can ever soothe it never sleeps it never dreams

It never goes away

Not even for a while my denial lets the happy life be lived

Bloody black this denial

Spores out through the dark matters of the night

Oozes out through the melted bitumen

This pleasure of bleeding

This bloody pleasure of pain

It’s not sadism my friend it’s the bitch called life

Mine to be precise

Blood cold forlorn

Blood white oblivion… that never comes never!

Sleep you will never wake up from

Watching you from overhead

While you sleep deep in a coma like respite

My shadow hiding your face from the muted bedlight

I watch without feeling anything

For I have to let go all today

A dream you’ll never wake up from

Dreaming you will enter an eternity of dreams

The most painless death

Furthermore, I want you to know

I forgive you, after you're dead!

You’re a very lucky one indeed

I must enlight

And as your last wish

I wish you sweet dreams tonight

After you

Far across the time I come

Travelling in memories only one thing in my mind

Only one thing I can ever think of

I come for you

‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ - I’ve heard

So I wait for it to rot

Till the stench makes you sick

Far across the time I come

You moved on but I got stuck

I come after you

Seeking poetic justice of all this

What do we gain from all this

Nothing at all what will we accomplish

Nothing at all

We came to do our time

Far across time travelling in memories

I’ve come for you only you can release me

Only your death


My concupiscence for fire

covetousness for hell – burning me up

The burning answer : your revenge


I stand a fine line between fire and brimstone

My insane incendiarism shall incinerate your fortuitism

I make my own destiny


It’s hard not to be a pyromaniac if you never had a home

I cannot be blamed for being envious of their happy life

And complaining of never having one

This is pain there’s no quelling this fire ember

I’m a hater of my own kind just like the hated Hitler

for I hate myself hate everything about me

And you must know so well I’m a schadenfreude too

I take extreme pleasure in your misfortunes

But I’m no scaremonger bitch

I do what I say and I’ll burn your way


My vandalism is KKK to all the pretty things that make vehement sarcasm of ugly things

I shall pour the fuel this fire shall devastate

Burn everything to ashes everyone to hell

I’m a psycho and psycho enough to know it laughing out aloud at my cursed life

Killing pain with some more pain my blood thirsty for the blade

Your passionate bloodlust I’ll quench your thirst

So burn all the floating hyacinths burn

Burn pretty flowers of sweet betrayal

Fuel transfuse in water oceans burn

The sky go up in flames atmosphere burn

Live my personal hell

Fall to my feet you shall

Under my feet you’ll burn

My hatred shall burn your soul

For ages, births and re-births you will be hated

When all hollows eve beauty shall die

Let beauty die



I thought of suicide

But genocide was much more fun

I thought too

I thought of death

Receiving myself or bringing for others

The latter would be more lively

‘one little two little three little Jews

four little five little six little Jews'

Die motherfucking heartbreak

This is an outrage

An outbreak of my plague

Holocaust be upon you

Insanity can well substitute ignominy

Outperform vanity

All is fair in love and war I ‘ve heard

All is fair in love and war I’ve learnt


On Christmas day

Nothing is changed on Christmas day

Lights everywhere and decorations

Roast ducks and bunny

Yep! Nothing is changed on Christmas day

Die Santa Claus you fat fuck

Stop existing the existence that never existed

Burning oil spread on Christmas trees

9/11 be upon the discos on new years eve

Die Santa Claus you fat fuck

Stop existing the existence that never existed

And take Easter bunny with you

Put him in the menu.

Flame train

Burn platforms

Burn stations petrol spreading

Through the vast greenery

Turning everything residue

Honk honk!

Out of the way your goody good society

Burn the wires overhead

Through the vast populated dense

Fishplates fly

Foodplates die

Burn houses burn schools burn

Spreading viciously prompty

Burn everything on the way



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    • Deep Metaphysical profile imageAUTHOR

      Deep Biswas 

      6 years ago from India

      Thank you August. Glad you liked it.

    • August Xavier profile image

      August Xavier 

      6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Engrossing. I love your style. It's an unrestrained outpouring of truth and it's absolutely fantastic. Well done. I'm a follower. Voted up.

    • Deep Metaphysical profile imageAUTHOR

      Deep Biswas 

      6 years ago from India

      That'll be done soon

    • Georgie98 profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      Again, either separate the bits into parts or put it as prose.


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