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Poems of the 1980s

Updated on July 15, 2016
Turning Prayer into Action from Jennifer Esperanza  Source:
Turning Prayer into Action from Jennifer Esperanza Source:

Love Does Rise

Tony DeLorger © 1980’s

Like willows bend to meet the breeze

on sullen days when nature speaks.

And too must we on fleeted wing,

rise up to meet the morning spring.

Of life doth come from caverns deep

to meet the sun on ragged peak.

All this and other reasons why,

the love does rise within our eyes.

For Breath

Tony DeLorger © 1980’s

For breath I hold on time unspent,

my sanction undenied,

oh breathless self and sorrow born,

too blind for light to shine.

For passing truth does bear to me,

of selfish pride unsaid,

and wisp away the foolish doubts,

that only fools can sense.

For life’s a circle with no end,

of peaked mountain climbs,

yet all returns to mother’s womb,

to start a second time.

Ere They Speak

Tony DeLorger © 1980’s

Ere they speak of timeless ploy,

and rivers to demand,

while time itself does move me,

and free me from their hands.

While lips do search and touch me,

deep in my abandonment,

and hold the last and final breath,

one day to bloom again.

For oneness through its beauty,

often speaks of truth,

it too can be of pity, a self-deception true.

But for now I lay in waiting,

my final cross to bear,

with open heart I lay here,

in love and trust and faith.

Prayer for the Lost

Tony DeLorger © 1980’s

Oh help me Lord to heed my mind,

for it does tell me clear,

of faith do I envisage fast

of line and mass and shell to pass.

Help me find my peace through all,

in times of quiet and times of awe.

For I can learn and silence bear,

give me courage to understand and care.

For I too can love and be of love,

and wish my thoughts to heaven.

Thank you for your faith in me,

and give me strength my faith to see.


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