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Poetic Certainty

Updated on October 18, 2013
Create the wings of poetry sailing in divine poems
Create the wings of poetry sailing in divine poems | Source

Poetic Certainty

Cerebellum coordination

That navigates clear,

Sailing alight equilibrium

Current clarity

To traverse adrift

Mental wave telemetry,

Bearing concrete

Contrast compositions

Rippling fluidity

That gels

In dire thoughts.

That become viable

Solid summed solutions.

Cerebral see shore

Sharp eye vision hemispheres,

Converging in cognitive divergence

In congealing forms

Of mind symmetry,

That focuses insight

Inside temporal telepathy

Searing onto the unknown

Of future poetic paths

That must be wandered upon,

To share true grit experience.

Footprints that walk deep

In writing indentations

Bearing stepping stone

Stanza versed gravity

In a unique Uni-Verse

Time continuum,

That one will conquer

The fear of Uncertainty.

Confidence stamina

To steer translucent

In logical avoidance

Of obtuse obstacles

By sharing cognitive

Analytical prowess

That dissects and discerns

At every word angle

Using our brawn’s

Complex mathematical

Creative clairvoyant

Intellect of rationality.

Writing word desire

To weave the wand

In heart string’s

Opulent verse,

Adrift heartbeats

Vivid vibrant luminance,

Vibrating words

With penetrating power,

Writing within inner points

Of utter strength

In composition baring

Pure De-Termination,

Within a pride

That quills lucid

Rippled lines.

Arise high atop

Pinnacle pentacle wisdom

Showcasing center stage

Enlightened enrichment,

To bare the soul aloft

Pure poetry adrenalin

In those persona aura

Majestic magical spells

Spreading medicinal wings

Sailing pure poetry.


Then shout

Out aloud


Within the Certainty

Of an inherited deed,

I am “A Poet.”

I am “A Poet”

With Writing

Birthright distinctions,

In a universal poetic

Time continuum

That bears forth

The terse terms of

Poetic Certainty.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 10/15/13 edit 10/18 ©

It takes a lot of words to make a Franklin, while you make cents as a poet.
It takes a lot of words to make a Franklin, while you make cents as a poet.


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