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Poetic Love Notions to Send to Your Woman

Updated on April 9, 2014

Even if the stars aren't embedded in her eyes, that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the whole sky.


Melt Her Heart and Soul

  • Your soul dances with mine every time our eyes meet and a ring of fire surrounds the dance floor; a Johnny Cash kind of love.
  • Just thought I'd let you know I'm gonna make Edgar Allen Poe seem like a slightly troubled adolescent with a tiny crush when I get done loving you.

  • You are the answer for most of the questions inside of my heart.

  • Loving you is a lot like getting on the subway and deciding to never go back home again.
  • The thunder outside reminds me how my heart feels every time I hear your name.
  • I wonder how many cities you'd search for anywhere, somewhere, that make you feel at home the way my arms do.

  • The littler notions stir the oceans, not just hurricanes. I love the way you make my head spin with all the little things you do.

  • In an empty room I sang for you.

  • I am going to break in your house and write my name at the bottom of the glasses in the liquor cabinet so you'll finally know why you are drinking.

  • I bet you never even knew that love is a currency that defines the outcome of our entire existence. I believe I was made to love you.

  • I cup your face with my hands when I kiss you because I like having everything to me inside my hands.

  • I want to see you from the eyes of someone who can't hear. I want to hear you from the ears of someone who can't see.

  • I'd jump out of an airplane and surf through the sky if it meant I'd reach you at the bottom, darling. I am fearless for you.

  • Sometimes you are like wind with how you make me feel alive but can never grasp you in my hands.

  • I would bet money that forest fires are just the earth's way of blushing from the suns shear brilliance. I would also bet money the earth gets nervous when you walk by and that's why there's such a thing as an earthquake.

  • I should've held your hand and danced with you in the kitchen instead of gripping this phone like my words could save us.

  • Falling in love is easy. Having sex is easier. But bumping into someone that can spark your soul, that is rare.

  • I feel like loving you is probably the same thing as standing in the back of a pickup truck going 80 mph down the highway.

  • Let's talk about how I'd burn down cities just to show you the light. Let's talk about how I'd part the sea just to show you the ocean floor.

  • I bet no on told you the way you walk sends tremors beneath the ground you walk upon. I bet no one even told you your laugh causes tornadoes.

  • Tell me about how the absence of you can fill an entire room. I miss you.

Make Her Feel Like the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

  • Galaxies form in your eyes every night I dream of you.

  • If she sends you a picture of herself you send her this message - If a picture says a thousand words..Then just how many does the pulse of my beating heart say? My God, you are SO beautiful, even God must be impressed with His work.

  • I just scared a cardinal on the way to work. It reminded me of your red lips when I make them quiver.

  • Stardust is the closest thing scientists have found to an element in the universe that most accurately describes the shimmer in your eyes.

Thoughtful Ways You Can Deliver These or Other Messages to Her

- Stick a poetic note describing her beauty on the mirror when you leave for work.

- Leave a note on the seat of her car "Lucky Seat, wish I was holding you right now".

- Send her flowers to her work and have them write a message of your choosing inside.

- Leave her notes on her favorite things, even on her favorite Christmas ornament that she won't find until next year.

- Text her when she is right next to you.

- Email her while she is at work.

- Secretly make a photo album reflecting her beauty in different pictures. Take random clothed pictures of her when she isn't looking, or when she is. When she has no idea, edit them and get them developed. Buy an album that has a space for written notes and write something about how beautiful she is in that section. Example "When you walk by, you don't notice it but everyone stops to get another look at how beautiful you are, they just can't help it". Another example: "If I was to build my ideal perfect woman, I would have built EXACTLY you, and here you are" When she is going through a rough time, give it to her and tell her "I am so lucky and I want you to know how beautiful I think you are, this is the only way I can seem to show you what I see every time I see you".


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