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Poetic Nights

Updated on December 8, 2016

Wizened Alexandra Del Lago

Haltingly from time to time,

She is looking at old photographs.

She and herself through veils.

With whom to hang out with to feel young?

She is dancing,remembering,

putting on false eyelashes ,

staring at mirrors right on their face,

caressing the wrinkled lines of her cleavage.

The mirror is laughing at her.

Whom to pay to tell her that she's young?

At night,

when her moral is no longer there but cocaine is,

she finds herself with her gigolo in wrinkled satin sheets.

She cries and shouts.

Now,more than ever ,she wants to escape from her.


Swir , Anna.''Grey-Haired Ophelia''.Page:47.The Southern California Anthology .Volume XII. Edited by: Nardin.S, Dorion.D


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