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PoetrY - Footprints of a Wanderer

Updated on January 16, 2014
nijineko profile image

Poems are the language of symbols, the songs of the heart and soul, a view into what is so often imperceivable.

流離人 の 足跡

(Sasuraijin no Ashiato)

(Footprints of a Wanderer)

Existential Tree


I see,

A tree.

Wanderer's commentary: I have always liked trees. I have climbed them, leaned on them, looked up through their branches and leaves, wondered what they dreamed about during the long winter months. There seem to be few people who 'get' this poem, and those few come from extremely different paths in life, which in and of itself, is a thought provoking observation.


Brightly colored carousel, amidst a field of green,

Strong and eager horses, awaiting only a touch,

Valley vast and rich, a fertile gentle land,

A laughing horde of children, clamoring for a ride,

So swift the children are, to select their chosen steed,

One is unable to find, that color desired most,

Till at the last, almost all have ridden away,

Revealing that perfect horse, only already claimed,

A red sweater draped, across a shining flank,

Another mount is willing, wanting to be chosen,

Alas the fateful choice, the offering spurned,

A lifelong sorrow.

Wanderer's commentary: There are some memories that are so strong, the emotions associated with those events linger, even after the passage of many years. I have often wondered if the choices one makes in life affects what one dreams... and even more wondered if the choices made in dreams, affect one in life....


Gently flowing stars, a meandering downward path,

A figure glowing softly, a cutout in the view,

A path, a choice, an invitation, a fear,

Light outlining dark, or darkness blocking light?

Wanderer's commentary: If we ever meet face to face, you can ask me about this one....


bloodstained blade,

broken heart,

tensioned thread,

lonely waste,

vast and empty place,

drowning emotion,

mourning for light,

trust betrayed,

faith abandoned,


Wanderer's commentary: the original was much better, but I let a friend borrow it many years ago, and it was never returned, ironically enough.


tumbling to, spinning fro,

light's evection, effulgence,

dense weightlessness, small force,

shadowed glittering, irregular strobe,

reaching, stretching, a bridge unformed,

muted colors starkly transcend, the speckled void,

how many think you?

Wanderer's commentary: some ideas have weight, substance, form, color, shape, and other qualities which can be felt as they pass through the mind. Understanding is not always one of those qualities.


Scintillation, gated roughly,

stately round, crystalline ballroom,

flowing trail, heavenly arc,

Can you see the fourth color?

Wanderer's commentary: another one of my favorite things, probably easy to guess.


Steadied stance 'gainst billowing surges, firmly gripped rock,

howling breath laden with pricking motes of moisture chill,

heaving waves, vaporous mist, clawed wind, smite beleaguered vision,

where amidst the furor, is the next sure step,

safety, an illusion, darkness likewise, it is all a passing dream,

when the path lies clear before me, unseen by my searching eye.

Wanderer's commentary: we all have days like this. For some, it is more than just a day.


The lingering scent of breath so thin,

a metallic blade piercing, fills straining lungs,

soul become gapper twixt heaven and earth,

the dizzying immensity of a single glance,

gargantuan, weighty cascade of liquid light,

flowing heavily, crashing upon upheld shoulders,

one become all, filling space, squeezing out time,

overgleamed, Presence, omnipotent, englobing,

a regard delicate, penetrating, savory sweet, smile,

Oh when shall I ever stand there again?

Wanderer's commentary: a commentary about another poem I once wrote. I'll have to see if I can find the first one again. It was very beautiful to me.


Walking, walking always forward,

a simple breath, joints flex, another step,

a burning lake of twisting air, pavement,

chipped unfeeling slabs of unyielding cold, sidewalk,

scuffled detritus of human oddments, trash,

rusted monuments of glossy glamours, wrecks,

clutching, calling, despairing, dying, silently watching, mendicants,

walking, walking always forward,

shoulders hunched, torso shivered, against the cold,

eyes shaded, ears covered, from the blinding cacophony,

brow sweating, skin flaming, from the heat,

tattered clinging remnants, pride, desires, failures, clothing,

bruised callouses, chapped blisters, bloody footprints, path,

walking, walking always forward,

there is a vision far away, an ease, a balm, scarred healing hands,

walking, walking always forward,

never give up, never give in.

Wanderer's commentary: what is hope? Whatever it may actually be, it is not easy. On the other hand, it never, ever, deserts one who refuses to let it go.

© 2014 Nijineko Prismaticpsion

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