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Poetry- Who I am

Updated on May 14, 2009

Who I am

Sometimes I cry

And it seems like for no reason

But I realize that I just want to know

I want to know who I am

Can you tell me

What does it mean

When I really don't know a thing about me

Can you understand

How truly terrifying it is

Its not enough to feel alone

I seem to have to feel so lost

I try to fix these things

And just get wrapped up in me

A coward

A man

A brainless hack

But what are all these things

When I really don't know if their me

I know I should fight these tears

But what’s it matter when their all dried up

Their gone

And it’s over


I really wish I was stronger

I wish I knew the answers

But I just don't know who I am

I know its hard to understand

But I just want to know who I am

                                     By d-b-ggaming

                                                        David Goreham


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