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And So What

Updated on April 10, 2016

And So What

Your mind felt like barren desert sand

Mind arid and lifeless as you walk

Into a virulent storm of life

The journey of your life has ran

Into rough roads with a lot of

Neck-breaking potholes

Everything looks gloomy and discouraging

Dark cloud has appeared over the

Sky of your life

And so what?

You have a large store house of possibilities

So keep at bay the destructive and opposing

Forces of fear and anger and their satellites.

Time to gather your thoughts

Transition from confused life to a fuller life

Obstacles are quickly overcomed

By a man who’s determined.

The man who is a failure gets used to failure

Improve your chances by working hard daily

Some inventors went through hardship

Without worldly materials before achieving

Success that improved their lives and others.

The harder the task; the greater the reward.


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