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Shadows of Doubt Poetry Art: Combining Poetry and Visual Art

Updated on July 25, 2009

What is Poetry-Art

Poetry-art is an art-form that allows the artist to combine both poetry and a visual work of art within a single art piece. One of the greatest and perhaps earliest recognized poet-artists is Jalaluddin Rumi. Another well known poet-artist is William Blake. Poetry-art is not well known as either a field of art or poetry. However, when you study works of art and poetry you will find a number of examples of poetry-art. One of the better known forms of poetry-art is ekphrastic poetry. Ekphrastic poetry is poetry that reacts to or describes a visual work of art. Most ekphrastic poems respond to works of art done by other people, however in the example used in this hub I write a poem which describes my own visual art piece. Perhaps the best known ekphrastic poem in which a poet uses his own painting is The Tyger by William Blake. Those of you who are both poets and visual artists may be interested in trying out this art form and if you are brave enough you may even want to sell art products with your ekphrastic poetry. (If you use someone else is artwork please ensure you abide by the copyright rules in place for that work of art). You can read more about writing ekphrastic poetry here. This hub provides examples of poetry-art  and refers you to websites where you can create, sell and buy poetry art works.

An Example of Poetry Art: Shadows of Doubt by Injete Chesoni

Abstract Female Nude Art by Injete Chesoni:
Abstract Female Nude Art by Injete Chesoni:
Abstract Female Nude Art by Injete Chesoni
Abstract Female Nude Art by Injete Chesoni

Shadows of Doubt

What is real

and what is an image?

When we stand naked

before the world

do we show our real selves,

or is our true self consistently hidden

in shadows of doubt?

How can our true beauty

be revealed

if it is cloaked in appearances?

Perhaps when we go

to the place of nothingness,

Our true beauty will emerge.

Copyright Notice - All works of art and writing within this web site
are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions.
No portion of the artist’s works or statements may be used, downloaded,
reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred
electronically, without prior written permission from the artist. You
can use this work for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the
artist Injete Chesoni and include a link to this website

An Example of Poetry Art by William Blake: Poison Tree from Songs of Experience

Image Courtesy of Poison Tree from Songs of Experience by William Blake
Image Courtesy of Poison Tree from Songs of Experience by William Blake

Where You Can Create, Sell and Buy Poetry Art Online

If you are interested in purchasing poetry-art you can find it at a number of online stores. Some good places to find poetry posters and poetry art prints online are at, and You can also find William Blake giclee art prints at William Blake and Jalaluddin Rumi poetry books can be found at If you would like to explore your creative side consider creating and selling poetry art products at


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    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 6 years ago

      Hi Zuttoniun thanks.

    • zuttoniun profile image

      zuttoniun 6 years ago from China

      Hey mate... very interesting ... I like the ideas here .. keep up the good work...

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 6 years ago

      Hi Waqa thanks.

    • profile image

      waqa 6 years ago

      Trully inspiring...Awesum!!!

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 7 years ago

      Hi "DSpade" thanks glad you enjoyed it :-)

    • profile image

      MrDSpade2 7 years ago

      Good poem and cool hub, i enjoyed this.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 7 years ago

      Hi Kevin thanks for the insightful as always comment. I did enjoy "The Prophet," I have a copy of it. Unfortunately the artwork in my copy is not too great blame it on cheaper modern prints. I learned about Ekphrasis when I was doing research for this hub it is a mouthful but definitely a word you won't forget. Best Regards, Moyra.

    • profile image

      Kevin Schofield 7 years ago

      Hi Moyra. Shadows of Doubt is a moving image with words that pose questions about appearances and reality and nothingness. I really loved it. I'm not familiar with the technical term you use - Ekphrastic. But will consult my dictionary to further my education. My favourite illustrated poem is "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran:

      Unfortunately the link is to the words only, but the artwork is reminiscent of William Blake and well worth viewing. Kindest regards, Kev.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Hi 2uesday thanks for the encouraging comment. Given your range of creative talents I think you can create some really interesting ekphrastic pieces. I hope you will attempt some and share them on HubPages.

    • 2uesday profile image

      2uesday 8 years ago

      Moyra your hubpages topics are both educational and inspirational, thank you. I learnt the name ekphrastic from this it is something I knew exsisted but I never knew it had a name.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Hi Raven I agree with you on the beauty of truth. Thanks for the insightful comment.

    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 8 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Very inspiring! Truth is beauty and beauty is truth.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Oh that's interesting I did not know Kahlil Gibran was also a visual artist. BTW for ekphrastic poetry some people also use photographs, although it is not considered "true ekphrasis" by some of the experts. However, I go with whatever works for the creative process and do not bother much with expert opinions. I love your hub "Eternity is A Kiss," both the poem and image are lovely.

    • profile image

      philip carey 61 8 years ago

      I'll check it out. Oh, I think that Kahlil Gibran was also a poet-artist. Unfortunately, I can't draw or paint.

    • Moyra profile image

      Moyra 8 years ago

      Hi Philip, thanks for the comment. I enjoy combining the two and frequently use one to inspire the other. If you are interested in learning more on combined media check out information on ekphrasis. On a commercial level greeting cards, posters, gift plaques etc. combine poetry and art. However, it is rare to find a poet/writer who is also a visual artist and vice versa so if you are talented in both areas it would be great if you created combined media pieces.

    • profile image

      philip carey 61 8 years ago

      I like the concept of combined media. I never really thought about it much, but choosing a picture for a poetry hub is similar to choosing a frame for a picture.


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