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Poetry Cafe

Updated on April 8, 2017
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I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager. I am inspired by great poets such as Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, and Federico GarciaLorca


Beauty that Last Forever

A Thought


Dark Melody


The Brave One

Voice of the Madness

Poems for the Month of April

Beauty that Last Forever

Have you ever seem beauty unfold beneath your eyes?
When your soul speaks the language of harmony and tenderness,
When the music of life play together as the wind meets the ocean,
When the glittering sea smiles back at you at the glimpse of the horizon,
When the trees dance at the movements of the constellations,
When the storms meets the eye,
When the sun shines through the rain, and
When the pain have gone away,
be certain that beauty is on her way.

A Thought

If someday I close my eyes,
If someday I say goodbye,
If I live one last time,
If that night was the last I dance.
if that was the last breathe I spoke,
If I knew where to go,
If my soul knew is time to soar...
Well tomorrow Is a better day,
I promise I'll stay
I do apologize, If I may.
You should carry on,
That was a thought, so lets move on.


Legend says that in the days we were born...

Three stones pillars where place in a circle.
Each one symbolizing a time;
the past, the future, and the present frames
where engulfed in flames.
The famous gift we all known
bestowed to us by a God of the unknown.
Words of the oracles
pronounce a slogan we all share
The miracle of life,
wise words they all said:
"The past is history.
The future is a mistery,
but today is a gift
called the present".

Dark Melody

I listened to what's inside.
The park's view of autumn
Depressed me.
My heart sang a melody
That scares me.

The wind touch me deeply
Feelings started to spring so easy.
I felt weighted by the melody
To the dark side, I gave in.

Clouded miasma blinded my sight.
I drank the poison as I sang
I shivered as I lost my senses,
The fear of silence broke my defenses.

The dark side invades my spaces
Claiming my heart gates and traces.
Depression crawled beneath my skin
But I hesitantly didn't gave in,
To my heart's silent dark Melody.

A river flowed through me as
The dark side was conquering.
It was getting darker,
So I abandoned the park
And that dark Melody.


I live in the shadows of the unknown,
in the most obscure places;
between my life and death,
between the light and the dark,
between the heavens and the clouds,
between my sadness and happiness,
between the ethereal and eternity,
between a memory and the moment,
between love and indifference,
between peace and war,
between the realistic and the ideal,
and in between the extremes that a human being can think of.

Because I am on the edge
blinded by Lady Justice
that only judge;
between the good and the bad,
benevolent and malevolent,
and the pure and impure.

The Brave One

I am the captain of my emotions.
the sailor of the unknown seas,
the conqueror of fear,
the brave one;

that smite the hardy,
that fights the sturdy,
that loves the enemy.
With a heart of compassion
with a thought of humbleness and
with the sword of mercy,
I shall defend the weak
because I am

The brave one.

Voice of the Madness

Please, Please! Have mercy on me.
Your voice thunder on the avenues of my conscious.
Please forgive my oblivious thoughts,
I won't forget you!
Your goodbyes echo loudly on my mind.
Your memories resonate on my heart.

You leave me heartbroken!
I am defenseless
and my walls are broken.
Chaos will befall upon me
like if God has spoken!
Don't go! Please forgive me.

Voice of the madness, please don't go!

A lonely beach
A lonely beach | Source

April is the month of sprouts and showers

You can find my poems by using hashtags.

Please comments what you like about my poems and critic about this hub.

How to Write Poetry?


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© 2017 Hector Feliz


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