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Crocodile tears

Updated on December 21, 2014

Love not a show

Tough time, cruel instant of hot tears

Emotional moment of broken hearts

Anguish of heartbreak, agony of mind: despair

Ridiculous invisible and hurting pain: disaster

Surely crushed heart, ever sign of care to loved ones

Oaf ! Are you sincere, serious?

Fake attitude, insincere expression of sorrow

Crocodile tears, hypocritical show!

Rarely love is frank, true-blue

Occasionally love is loyal, true-hearted

Crying or sobbing, not effectiveness of love

Odious manner as a crocodile weeping to coax its victims

Diarrhea of vain words in love means hypocrisy, two-facedness

Immeasurable, trusty and devoted love is speechless

Love is not show, but fidelity, faith and truth

End to play love with false tears: love is loyalty


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