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Poetry: Don't Let Problem Become Excuse

Updated on February 5, 2012

Don't Let Problem Become Excuse

But it will take too long; it is unachievable;

Somebody is already doing it

You were told by people around you

Then you find fault with the idea and discard it

It is true that in this complex world others may

Trip you but it is also true that more often than

Not you trip yourself

When you let problem become your excuse

For failure you will never be a success

You may have failed the first time because of

Personal inadequacies and mistakes

Accept the faults, the shortcomings and the

Imperfections; don’t run away form them

Seek out your faults and weaknesses, then correct

Then and impossibility will become a possibility

And your success will be an inspiration to some

Other person to become a better person or to

Achieve more in his life.


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