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Poetry, Etched in my soul

Updated on July 26, 2017
Jacques D Joubert profile image

Jacques is an avid writer, currently working in the financial industry, but searching for a way to let his creativity soar writing poetry.

How much has poetry meant in your life? It is a proven fact that creativity plays an enormous role in ones development, especially emotionally. I know from personal experience that in the moments that life was at it's hardest, that there seemed to be no further road, no way out - it was poetry that gave me the reprieve to be able to move forward, in a ways I can say that poetry saved my life countless times. Poetry also gives me a voice, let's me say things in a way that is comfortable to me, this is important, not everything makes for a comfortable topic.

Below I will add a poem or two I wrote, please comment on the poem, share your stories of how reading or writing poetry changed your life and feel free to ask questions or add your own wisdom, I want this hub to be an open discussion.


Some days those final words are still burning me

Other days their loaded with clarity

At first this play was nothing but a tragedy

But now a lesson learned, a blissful memory

Sometimes you have to take one on the chin

An integral step in learning from your sin

Those final moments... Push me out, pull me in

Forever there – Etched in my skin...

Some days those final words put ice in my veins

Other days their a journey through wide open plains

The heartache of it all is washing down the drains

Now it’s a smile, getting rid of the stains

Sometimes it’s about where you have been

An important step from what you have seen

Those final moments make me whisper, make me scream

Never Gone – Etched in my skin...

Some days those final words tear through my soul

Other days their my solace, making me whole

Finally just a memory written on times’ scroll

And now at last it has stopped taking its toll

Sometimes it’s all about facing the naked truth

A perfect way to escape an imperfect youth

In the end it’s the memories of me and the memories of you

Etched in my skin, like a Tattoo...

The narrow path


Cascading through the carnage of a troubled soul

Collapsing below the sorrows of not being whole

Tormented by your own critical eyes

Incapable of sifting through imperfect lies

The rolling tears no more than routine

The truth of the smile no longer seen

Screams of the heart evoke silence

Compassion and love wrapped in layers of absence


Standing in a room, no windows, no doors

A very high ceiling and uneven floors

Caught in limbo as known by common tongue

No real meaning to anything you have done

Like being a wilting flower in a closed lunch box

Neither happy nor sad, no more time on the clocks

Fading endlessly into nothingness, into black

But not fading at all, forward then back


Carnage has dwindled, slowly replaced by bliss

A creation of beauty from the endless abyss

Confidence replaces this tormented soul

Happiness rekindles, closes the hole

Streets of gold, windows of the purest art

Structures more sturdy beneath this healing heart

Standing in the middle of this golden Coliseum

Greeted with a fatherly smile, welcome to Elysium

Okay, there you have my first entry, tell me what you think and we can keep the discussion going.

Thank you for the comments, the lovely thing about poetry is that it also has the ability to bring people together. It helps similar minds find a common outlet. Did you know that there is a correlation between feeling the words flow onto paper, and the sheer happiness of knowing that your thoughts and feelings amount to something, that your words might bring happiness to others.

Life constently changes and keeps throwing different things at us, we need ways to cope. Did you ever have such love that words felt too flat? So much pain that tears were too dry? Voice your love, joy, pain, sorrow, I would love to hear what in your life has inspired you.

A girl called pain

She showers me with teardrops

She leaves me out in the rain

She’s there whenever my heart stops,

But she’s driving me insane

I can’t help holding her too tightly

I guess I’ll never let her go

I used to take life so lightly,

But now I no longer know

I can’t help that I’m in love with a girl called pain

I can’t help spending every sorrow in the rain

I can’t help that I’m in love with a girl called pain

Here I go on hurting once again

She leaves my heart in pieces

She pushes me to the ground

She makes shouting and screaming my diseases,

Then takes away the sound

I can’t help that my hands are shaking

I guess she takes my breath away

I find her so intoxicating

She has me in her sway

I can’t help that I’m in love with a girl called pain

I can’t help spending every sorrow in the rain

I can’t help that I’m in love with a girl called pain

Here I go on hurting once again

Cadence of life

They always hint on karma or the circle of life

What comes around must surely go around

Vice versa maybe, could it be like this with strife?

In this world where darkness can turn corners and trouble is abound...

Listen! Something... In the distance

Could it be any more rhythmic?

The soft sounds, a distinct cadence

So silently therapeutic...

Sing nightingale, the sweet tunes of life

Songs of innocence, of love, of being alive

Through all of life’s hardships, trouble and strife

There’s always a lining, a will to survive...

Life is like a breath, only sometimes can you catch it

These songs of life giving some assurance

Smile, there is a moon, a sun, don’t you get it?

Sit back, enjoy every note, and bask life’s sweet cadence...

Please keep chatting, looking forward to hearing from you.

Time is sometimes an electrifying companion and other times an unimaginable terror, but time is necessary - for healing, for growth, for strength - for us as writers, because with time comes sadness, joy, happiness, sorrow etc. and it gives us something to share, something to etch out on our pages. The below poem is one of these stories, a goodbye that was painful, but was healed by time and the words it helped me share.

Goodbye Alice, Goodbye Wonderland

I no longer cry you out in my tears

I no longer scream you out in my fears

The pain is magnified through so many years

But I can feel life turning, switching gears

I followed the white rabbit all the way down the hole

That’s where I met you my Alice, life our wonderland

At first I felt nervous, in this wondrous world I was the mole

Then I let the wonder take me and I began to understand

It was a journey like no other full of bumps in the road

You stayed true to the wonder and helped me carry my load

There was a power in this land on all of us bestowed

The serenity of love and happiness fully flowed

I screwed up and followed the rabbit back to the top

Halfway up I thought to turn back, but still did not stop

Back from the dream, the whole world so pale

Should have realised such splendour was just a fairy tale

Mad as a hatter I was to go on and lose

Such a wondrous person, the best you can choose

Thought there were other colours than the blues

But you see how it is in life, splendour is just a rouse

I might sound a little bitter, but with pure wonder

I look back at the years I spent with Alice

Blitzes of sound, the lightning, the thunder

I miss the colourful moments with you my Alice

But time is going by, I think I should grow up

So I’ll have one final thought as I take a sip of my teacup

Time they say heals all, then I drink from times’ chalice

With a final tear I say goodbye wonderland, goodbye Alice...

Truth in the politeness

There is a certain truth to what people say when their inhibitions have gone out the window, we are coddled by people and this hinders us to be able to handle what life is throwing at us, whatever the medium that you use to express your true feelings, have the care and decency towards your friends to tell them the truth, whether the truth is harsh or it has to be an apology.


Sometimes my intentions fail me

Sometimes a smile comes out a tear

Sometimes I inflict unconsciously

Sometimes I turn love to fear

I watch the blocks build up

I watch them fall

I see me reach, hands cupped

But I cannot catch with no hands at all

Believe the words I love you

They flow out of my soul

Believe the words I trust you

It's belief that keeps us whole

Please forgive the pain I caused

Please forgive betrayal forged

I'm sorry - Frozen, Paused

I'm Sorry - Blown Up, Engorged

I love you, every hair, every nail

I hate me, for the quiet, for the fail

I love you, every inch, every mile

I hate me, for every unwilling smile

I'm sorry.

I love you.

Forgive me.

Words really do sometimes sound empty...


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    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 8 months ago from Texas

      Jacques, I loved all your poems. You are a fantastic writer.


    • pattyfloren profile image

      Patty Florence 9 months ago from Illinois

      I like how your poems have this sort of rhythm to them. I enjoyed "Elysium" a lot. Thanks for your poems and first entry.

    • profile image

      Namrata P 9 months ago from India

      All the poems could be connected emotionally in its own way. Waiting for further poems.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 9 months ago from Minnesota

      I connect with every one of these poems. You are very talented! The last poem really rings true and I love how it goes from pain to healing. So glad to have you here at Hubpages. Welcome to a talented and caring writing family. Going to follow you now and look forward to more of your poetry.