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Poetry: You Need Peace

Updated on March 14, 2016

Go For Peace

Have you ever ask yourself what you

Really want to accomplish in life?

If you continue the way you’re going

Will you get to where you really

Want to go?

And if you get there will you be happy?

And will it really fulfill your deepest

Yawning? Where is your destination?

Many have inordinate ambition for

Power treating fellow human beings

With all the respect a Lagos driver

Give to traffic signs

Many people who inhabited this world

Before you, had left an imprint on history

For good or bad; which side do you want

To belong? The good or bad side?

Don’t do anything that will make your

Activities put you in collision course with

History and humanity so go for peace not power

Power has destroyed many who did not know

How to handle it.


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