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Chivs86 Poetry: Gordon Bennett.

Updated on June 18, 2012

Of coarse I said it,
Gordon Bennett
can't believe it
Is it really real or authentic.
Of coarse It ain't
of quality or vintage
but how to define
what's fine by pure instinct?
By taking hints...
making sure that it makes sense
but are first impressions,
tell tale signs -
of how really it is?
Or is their more to it
Are victims made of the more stupid
The sore losers for the all ruthless.
Their vulnerability's the excuse,
the Lex Luthors being left to it,
the executioners will ruin;
keep screwing
with your dead spirit
and get amusement
at the sight
of what you're left losing.

Origins of this saying.

A term typically used to describe an exclamation of surprise, the saying 'Gordon Bennett' is believed to come from the well renowned New York Herald Journalist James Gordon Bennett Jr.

Derived from the saying 'Gor Blimey' or 'God Blind Me', it's believed to have been a saying made up because of Bennett's outrageous lifestyle. A man who famously urinated over a roasting fire because he was too drunk to find the toilet and in front of his father in law to be, Gordon-Bennett Jr. did exactly the sort of things which would have people repeating his name to even this day. Whether it would be his newsworthy - sometimes record breaking stunts, his hedonistic playboy lifestyle or simply his brow raising news that his kind of innovative journalism produced, Bennett will forever be remembered as one of the most astonishing people that ever lived. Not to mention a visionary, a foundation and a legend.



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