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Poetry: No Place Like Home

Updated on April 8, 2016

Home Town

I’d my share

Of traveling but to

Onicha-Olona I must return.

I’ve tasted water around the world

But none is purer than

Animodua stream.

Its surface glistening

Beneath the tropical sun

As if a mirror

What a beautiful sight

I’ve tasted meat

But none sweeter than

Those from Olona bush.

Every morning men in

Simple farming garb carrying

Farming implements - hoe, abo,

Cutlass trekked to farms.

The sun and moon are

Not so beautiful as in


Olona to me is

The center of the world

Any other place I live

Is a home from home.

Because of the big hearts of the indigenes

And their willingness to accept

Strangers as one of them

Olona is home for all.

Onicha-Olona the land of

My birth where every

Man’s footprints are

Recognizable to his neighbors

And everybody watches out for

Everyone else and

Everyone else's kids too

Oh the land of my birth

My mind is streaming with

Pictures of your features unique.

How deeply I love Olona

How desperate I want

Once again to feel

The soil under my feet.


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    • neighborhoodtools profile image

      neighborhoodtools 6 years ago from United States

      I enjoyed the poem. Keep sharing your poems! Thanks.