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The Sun

Updated on April 11, 2016


The sun shines on all without discrimination

How doomed human beings

Might be if God created the sun

To give its riddance only to

Those judged deserving or

Decides those who to give

Its light and those its heat

But no, the sun was created in such

A way that it does not care

Neither who we are nor how

We live; even the use to which

We put its light and its heat

The sun simply radiates

Impersonally with no judgment

Visited upon the recipients.

Frugality it does not know

Stinginess it is unable to comprehend

The sun gives us generously

As roses give out their flagrance


We take as much as we want

Of the sun and use it as we please

To grow our crops, dry our clothes,

Develop thermal energy, etc

A lesson this is to human beings

To be unselfish with God’s endowment

But to give to others without restrain


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