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You're A Great Support

Updated on April 9, 2016

Macho Man

My macho man

You’re the only man

I know who’s not a coward.

I like to feel my man

A fortress, not crumble

In the face of trouble,

I like to think I’ll be

Protected if things went


And today things are

Certainly wrong in the

World, but you don’t

Find much that threaten

Your masculinity,

My macho man.

You’re not afraid of

Things that make others shiver.

You’re a strong man

Fashioned by God in a

Nobler mould than other men.

You’ve a chest of kilometer

Wide to pillow my tired head.

You’ve strong arms like

Giant bunches of bananas

To keep me comforted.

Your smile wrap around me

Like an embrace.

You conquered my heart

With your enormous strength.


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