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Inspirational Poetry : By Ryan Beitler

Updated on March 17, 2016


I have an unbearable thirst for knowledge,

like a person in a course at a solid college.

An extreme major in the arts of rhyme.

A professional wordsmith one lesson at a time.

I assume lead role with a bowling ball mind,

so at anytime my mind be able to define a chosen line.

If you don't do your homework

,unfortunately, you will fall behind,

of a craft stabilized while I am alive.

From a single line

I let stench in the crevices of time...

Every second that pass or occur

another word be knitted into depths of my soul.

waiting to glow with a priceless glare like Gold.

Thoughts remaining forever told.

Thrown to kindle the Aries charcoal that burn.


,tell my princess, I will rejoice in being reborn.

Known.. as the Ram with Steel horns!

Ryan Christopher Beitler

ALL the work that appears on this page are the official writings and thoughts of Ryan C. Beitler. I reserve all right to any of the writing on this page as my own authentic work.

World Stage

"All men and women are merely participants"

as I set the stage for significant change,

In the poetry world known today.

My names beauty will not die in vain

for eventually It bloom whole again,

to 'intrigue' the 'impatient' crowd,

when a single vowel of my poetry is said.

Hopefully, before the day I drop dead.

I receive a 'Gold Medal" for my head

as I age and the white set In.


Commanding Peformance

My style is so perfectly pure

In such a viciously corrupted world.

I am the thorn on the stem of a a rose...

It's not fully understood on why i arose

yet, many pros over cons I suppose.


Grief seize marching for me.

Resided an eternity it seemed.

His placing was naked to the eye

as tears amassed a puddle inside out.

Like dew upon a leaf

the tears dribbled off my cheek.

Until my eyes close to sleep

from arid tears and a heavy weeping.


The Congo

Deep in the depths of the Congo....

"Be the Lost City Of Zeng."

So the voice of several men have said

until a dead end they lay dead.

Protected by Gorillas with a firm head.

Never allowing the theft of any diamond or Gem.

Advanced mammals that seriously don't pretend.

Deep inside my dark brown eyes...

be a massive diamond lost in time.

So words tend to burn the rectums of a readers' eyes

until the day they have no air to breath and die.

It's protected by an ancient Aries fire inside

never allowed to loose lust at anytime.

"So beyond the Horizons of the typical mind!"

My Father

I am setting out like Perseus

to fulfill my destiny over adversity.

When I stumble or fall asleep...

My father In heaven lift my to one knee

observing above like an Angel eternally.

My Heart and love

is like the Bermuda Triangle.

Access be granted to few

yet, if somehow you do..

There is no escaping your doom.

The stories are true

a monster can be seen inside,

only if you try to leave or lie.

I will rise a top the Kraken..

My eyes on fire

as you taste the tears I have cried,

Salty bitter and sweet times five!

After it does its job

it return behind the bars,

sealed like my heart,

twenty-four seven like Fort Knox.

Inside a shine of beauty and fortune await..

Unfortunately there be no escape

In a leprechaun kind of way.

Defensive Coordinator

My swagger wreaks of a Gods sweat

the stench of my father I truly never met.

It's from experience

Beyond the greatest veteran.

Allowing my mind to break down paper.

Defensive Coordinating be just my staple!


Toying with my Aries emotions

results in a sudden volcano explosion.

It sends words to rise from the core.

Shooting out beauty only to rest like magma.

In the brain of any reader of mine at anytime.

A permanent fixture of natural raw ability

that can be remembered by its time of activity!


I stand five nine with a chin high

one hundred and forty nine pounds to the ground.

Though, when I decide to sound,

my echo stir the meadows that surround.

A mighty Titan evolve

nullifying my weight and height.

Just a Godly beautiful sight..

with no words to describe his might!



If the world need a hero

to inspire pure desire into souls,

a warrior so confidently bold.

I would ride through the pack

with all my troops weight on my back,

attacking the other so called best in a snap.

As an army of words hold the line

make no mistake I am a LION!

Like Achillees' proclaim,

this is why you will remember my name!

Though I be impossible to tame..

How many battles will poetry win

by the tip of his pen in the bloody end..?

Forever indenting my name

to last through passing decades.


Immortality III

All men and women are merely participants

as I set the stage for significant change,

In the Poetry world As it's known today.

For my names beauty will not die in vein

eventually it bloom again,

when a single vowel of my poetry be said.

There She Blowsssss!

My pen is but a storm from Zeus.

Clear skies usually conclude in the end.

Sometimes though here and then...

Thunderstorms rage Poseidon's ocean

like an enraging tide of emotions.

Allowing the display of ageless notions.

I simply record data

of natural disasters in time.

Waiting for the Big One like Mobey Dick!


A true Man

knows he is the best.

The rest

just try an get by; contest.

If you stare deep into my eyes

a star can be captured inside.

It's from yearning to be the best

at anything or craft I decide try.

Also, knowing I am Human,

that everyday men and women die..

The Thorn Rose

My Aries soul can not stop designing...

For the heavenly star are slowly aligning

providing a piece a Heaven as my mind unwind.

I tried to keep it in check

yet, pain stain my blood causing a wreck,

along with a majestic sunset to set the tone.

The combination is like mother natures creation..

~ The Thorn Rose~

Thirteenth Floor

You could say I am a special breed,

regardless of the obstacle I succeed.

I've met the Devil on floor thirteen,

battled like the almighty Achilles',

with the intelligence of a Socrates.

I've seen all the old sophistries

that Aerostatles' dream master could give me.

I shined the heavenly lights in his eyes,

So Evil shall see itself,

And it shall DIE!

My mind be a million piece design,

it trigger my heart to bleed then recover,

adding another missing piece to the puzzle.

As days drift by I remain humble..

I rumble with a phenomenal pace

leaving the human race to wonder,

how a person have so many thoughts to ponder.

On the last day my soul unwind,

the golden pointers will stop in time,

as one of the greatest writers known to mankind die..


When my Aries soul blaze out of control

the fire burns on top fifty billion pieces of coal,

smoking desired words to blur a face like smoke,

so like fire all the non believers fall to a knee and choke.

For too long my beauty remain hidden

like a "Blue Jay" to human eyes;

forbiddingly disguised!

All the pain with happiness,

all of my wits and charm,

all of my intelligence shall come forth,

Gods' direction eventually taking its course.

Steadily I ride like Billy the kid in time,

gaining a rep as being heinous while alive.

For ill make you famous if you scar my mind

like and AK-47 unwind

flying one word at a time!


Most are not fortuitous enough

to have a pure tough heart of stone

,remarkably, setting the pace and flow.

Even if they did

they're mind wouldn't know,

how to perfectly create a poem.

Even an elephant lay down,

as an army of ants proceed to surround

walking all over it into the ground.

Like the last breath just before you drown,

I make a reader grasp for air ,constantly,

as if they have lungs of a snail impaled.

Poetic art after dark


When I die,

my friends will tremendously morn.

For Who else

can mend words endlessly,

give life with stupendous meaning,

bleeding from the core of my heart.

When my soul be captured,

reborn in the heavenly lights.

I shall recite the light of Poetic Art.

In a variety of bunches like a shopping cart,

only this time I am not checking out!

The Legend ..The Myth ..

Everyday I practice with my pen

like Achilles the mythical swordsmen.

Record words

that speak eternally in the end.

A mixture of strength and love

to carry on when I am dead..

The Legend .. The Myth ..

A heavenly given gift

to create beauty in every inch

of rhyme design on paper line.

The Buzz of Glory

when I die shall spread wide,

hosting the greatest minds ever alive.

Diamond In The Ruff

There is no denying..

I am the king of the wild.

For most other roars be mild..

My passion sound for miles

echoing the meadows wide.

True confidence and bravery

that will be taken to the grave with me,

A real life of pain and agony,

in every way the mind could imagine thee..

I not be pefect nor hold bundles of money

,yet, funny enough my heart is rich like honey.


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