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Motherhood Every Woman's Dream

Updated on April 10, 2016

Pride of Motherhood


Every woman’s dream


Every woman’s delight


Is sweeter than honey


Is worth any amount of pain.

Your old age will be happy

Oh how a woman loves motherhood

Oh motherhood, the joy of every woman.

While motherhood create

A feeling of ecstasy

Rivers of tears run down

The faces of most women

Who God hasn’t favored

With motherhood because

Their arms will be itching

For a baby to rock

To them a large part of

Feminine experience is lost.

Oh motherhood, the joy of every woman.


The perpetuation of human species


The product of motherhood.

Due to adoration of children

Who many value more than

Millions of gold and silver

Motherhood has changed

The lifestyle of many women

For the better.

Motherhood has helped to

Strengthen shaky marriages.

Oh motherhood, the joy of every woman.


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