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Poetry -- Religious Series #3

Updated on February 4, 2015

Song -- Silent Prayer

Oh Lord, my God! My soul delighteth in the things of Thy Son!

For He hath heard my cries to Him, and He hath filled me with His love!

Wilt Thou redeem me? My heart is broken! In mighty prayer I come to Thee!

I lift my voice! I praise Thy name! For Thou art King!

"Behold, my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord.

Nevertheless, my heart exclaimeth, O wretched man that I am!

Yea, my heart sorroweth because of mine iniquities!

O Lord, wilt Thou encircle me around in the robe of Thy righteousness!

Wilt Thou make my path straight before me!" (2 Ne. 4:15-35)

Awake, my soul! No longer sinning!

Rejoice my heart! My Savior lives!

Thy pow'r is great! Thy mercy true!

And I shall trust in Thee forever!

(c) 1992 Lurlynn L. Potter

Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT
Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT | Source

The Love Story

There is a love story.

I tell it again and again.

It sweeps over me daily, anew.

My life is forever changed.

Music swells like ocean waves and then

I am drenched in the love I feel for you.

There is only one other

Whose love is greater far

Than the sands of the seashore I see.

His arms open-wide are inviting

His gaze pierces deep into my soul.

His love, like the ocean covers you and me.

(c) 2009 Lurlynn L. Potter

Angel's Landing, Zion's National Park, UT
Angel's Landing, Zion's National Park, UT | Source

Song -- I'll Do It on My Own

Why is it that I don't love You

As much as You love me?

Why is it I don't believe You,

Though Your scars are plain to see?

Why is it that I hold onto,

I hold on tight to my pain?

Why is it that I won't let You heal my name?

I'll do it on my own. I'll make it all alone.

Don't need a hand to hold to make it home.

Why is it that I don't listen?

My ears are closed to Your words.

Why is it my eyes are sleeping?

My empty heart never stirred.

How can I begin to trust You,

That You can do what You say?

How can I begin to let you show the way?

I can't do it on my own! I can't make it all alone!

I need Your hand to hold to make it home!

(c) 2008 Lurlynn L. Potter

Jerusalem 2000
Jerusalem 2000 | Source

Song -- Blessed Are They


Bless-ed are the poor in spirit. Blessed is the humble soul;

For theirs is the kingdom, the kingdom of heav'n.

Bless-ed are they that do mourn, that do mourn, are grieving and are sorrowful.

They shall be comforted, for they'll receive the Holy Ghost.

Bless-ed are the gentle souls; they inherit the earth.

Bless-ed are the hungry and thirsty. Blessed, they that love the truth.

For they shall feast at the table, the Table of God.

Bless-ed are they that forgive, for they shall be forgiven that are merciful.

Bless-ed are the pure in heart, the chaste, the clean and pure.

Standing in His presence, for they shall see God!


Blessed are they who love peace. They are the children of God!


Blessed are ye if ye stand for the light if standing should cause you pain.

Ye shall be like unto prophets of old. Rejoice to be called by My name.



(c) 2000 Lurlynn L. Potter

(Inspiration for Blessed Are They)

While sitting on a hill in Nazareth, early in the morning, I heard Jewish music sourse through my mind. The melodies were unique. I read the beatitudes in Matthew 5, and suddenly they merged together into this song.

It is written for a choir of 40 or more, with accompanying oboe and flute. I also wrote some slight optional orchestration.

I may never hear this performed, but it exists in my heart and my head as an expression of my devotion to Lord Jesus.

I'm interested in your thoughts...

How do you like these poems?

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