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Poetry -- Religious Series #6

Updated on February 10, 2015

A Humble Child Prepared

Isn't it stirring that the wind ushers in the storms of our lives as it does in nature?

The bending, swaying branches seem to sigh and cry, knowingly,

As the long awaited thirst-quenching rainfall nears.

Oh how wonderfully clean and refreshing the sensation!

Smell the filtered air; all dirt now removed.

All things are prepared to receive rhythmic welcome gifts

Falling from far above -- like fairy spirits, catching and reflecting light.

Their journey completes this portion of an eternal round.

They give to their fullest and satisfy the soul;

Parched, arid, weather-worn.

The ecstasy of renewal and rebirth is more than a baptism to the soul.

It is the needed daily rain that feeds upward growth.

Roots grow deeper day by day, stretching, growing strong

To weather future storms until, at last,

Another season of harvest for the just and pure.

Enduring and fervent we look to the day

When Christ, Jesus, our Master, will say,

"Well done, my child, you've passed the test.

Come join now in our Father's rest."

(c) 1990 Lurlynn L. Potter


Let it Happen

The flowing rhythm of your heart,

In harmony with nature,

Breathes the revelation

Tingling through each fiber

Of your soul and very being.

Virtuous faith and a speedy pace

Carries a rejoicing heart home.

With swells and doubts it

Spins your mind with knowledge

And wraps your soul with truth.

Take courage and endure it all!

The time is almost gone.

Step forward fast and steady.

Let it overpower you

For it's source is God.

A spark in the eyes, a dizzy head,

Spirited nature and strong

Accepting heart that understands

The wonders of the Master,

As an audience applauds.

(c) 1981 Lurlynn L. Potter


My Eternal Destiny

I am a child of royal birth,

My Father is a King!

He sits in heaven on a throne

And 'round Him angels sing.

When I grow up, I'll be like Him!

I'll always do what's right!

I'll tell my friends how I love Him

And I'll pray every night.

I am only one, I know --

But in His eyes I'm great!

Humbly it's the little things

I thank Him for with faith.

Only a child, yet still I know

The things which I should do.

I've an eternal destiny

To find out all that's true.

(c) 1980 Lurlynn L. Potter

I'm interested in what you think...

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    • Prepper Gal profile imageAUTHOR

      Lurlynn Potter 

      3 years ago from Spring City, UT

      Thank you. That encourages me to write more, and share more.

    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 

      4 years ago from glasgow

      Mesmerising poetry,couldn't stop reading it.


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