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Poetry Review Lost Soul

Updated on January 14, 2020
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Poetry Review: Lost Soul A dramatic poem written in goth style with an inspirational message.

Background and Credits

Author: Aragoth Moondragon

Artwork credit to Melanie G. for capturing this poem in such a great illustration, befitting of the poem, expressing the feel and darkness of the poem’s content, creating a captivating image of the author’s perspective.

Lost Soul
Lost Soul | Source

Lost Soul by Aragoth Moondragon

Locked in prison with no escape,
keeping track of long lost days.
Where will my weary soul reside,
when there is nothing left inside.

Who will want my painful soul,
whose actions made of me a fool.
Can I ever live with myself,
or in eternal darkness dwell.

Can the light of truth free me,
or all alone will I ever be.
The fate of my life is long gone,
for I have done too much wrong.

- Aragoth Moondragon


The author uses three distinct quatrain stanzas with free rhyme, each quatrain can further be broken up in two couplets. This was achieved by the use of a comma after the first line and third line and a full stop after the second and fourth lines. This creates a smooth flow in reading the poem and also makes it easy for the reader to distinct between each statement. Each statement is written over two lines, avoiding unnecessary long sentences, but still providing descriptive lines.

In this piece the speaker is expressing thoughts, maybe trying to make sense of the situation. It can also be that the speaker is in prayer, calling out to a deity for help and guidance or answers. The speaker may also be calling out to the universe in a desperate hope of receiving relief, no matter from where it may come. This adds the aspect of loneliness to the poem, creating an even darker and more depressing atmosphere.

From the title and first line the author creates the dark and morbid tone of the poem, the feeling of entrapment and claustrophobia becomes apparent from the start. ‘Locked in prison with no escape, keeping track of long lost days.’ This tells us that the speaker is physically or figuratively entrapped and have been so for a long time. When we read on, we see admittance to guilt of wrong doing, this means that the speaker is imprisoned for his/ her wrong doings. This can be either physically or a mental prison that he/ she has created by the engulfment of guilt.

‘Where will my weary soul reside, when there is nothing left inside.’ This draws our attention to the exhaustion of the speaker. The speaker tells us that he/ she is tired and at the point of giving up, the situation is overbearing and he/ she can’t take it anymore. The speaker makes us aware that they wonder what will become of him/ her, especially since this guilt has taken its toll and hollowed out the speaker’s soul. The speaker also admits a feeling of apathy created by a long period of struggle.

In the second stanza the speaker admits wrong doing in the second line, ‘whose actions made of me a fool’ and also accepts punishment that may go along with it in the fourth line, ‘or in eternal darkness dwell’. The speaker also admits that he/ she acknowledges that there are few people that will come close to them, as he/ she can’t even accept themselves for what he/ she has done. This part highlights the idea of losing hope of finding someone to get close to, again drawing attention to loneliness. This part also lets the reader know that the speaker finds it difficult to forgive themselves, therefore pulling away, as he/ she do not want to hurt anyone else.

The third stanza repeats the second with different words. The speaker admits guilt, accepts punishment and loses hope of finding someone, preparing to be alone for eternity as punishment for wrong doings. The speaker expresses that he/ she has no hope and can’t be forgiven.

The speaker in this poem basically asks forgiveness, but in the same time admits that he/ she knows that forgiveness will not come, as the/ she can’t even forgive him-/ herself for the acts omitted in the past. The speaker feels that justice is served by being imprisoned, but yet longs for forgiveness and to be set free and to find companionship.

Often as human beings, we find ourselves ridden with guilt for something we have done in the past. When thinking of these omissions, we tend to withdraw ourselves from people in fear of exposing ourselves. The more we think of this guilt, the heavier it weighs upon our hearts, the more we retract from society. This space can quickly transform from simple solitude to reflect and deal with personal issues to a prison where we torture and torment ourselves. A person can quickly loose themselves in self-martyring if not careful.

Allowing guilt to fester in our hearts can become unhealthy and we must deal with our guilt sooner rather than later, before we find ourselves trapped in our own prison and not being able to free ourselves. This is how we become yet another ‘Lost Soul’

A brilliant poem with a great message to the reader. Like a prison, built with bricks in a certain order, the poem was constructed in a strict and uniform sequence. The use of questions to portray the speaker’s desperation and the admittance of guilt work well hand in hand to show the reader that the speaker yearns for freedom, but knows he/ she can’t get it.

© 2020 Jan van Antwerp


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