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Poetry; Rumble in the Valley

Updated on March 3, 2015

The Ring of Fire

The ring of fire is a region characterized by the occurrence of a large number of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. More than 450 volcanoes lie in a 40,000 (25,000 miles) area. Volcanic activity is associated with a series of volcanic arcs and plate movements.

Some volcanoes may appear majestic and imposing while they are inactive, however, when one of them becomes active, it can pose great danger to biodiversity that surrounds it, even to human life.

This does not mean that the eruption of a volcano cannot be used as inspiration to create poetry.


Popocateptl | Source

Eruption of a Volcano

Quiet days, silent valley
Tweet of birds, searching honey
Flock of fowls, sensing danger
Trembling earth, noise of anger

On top of a pile of soil, smoke erupts
Echoes are heard of noise abrupt
My skin crawl for news known
Of big disasters that overwhelm the soul

On events that are accepted
the world´s plates maneuver
Starting phenomenons of smoke and fire
Giants asleep, wake up and make fanfare


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