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Poetry Spirit In G-d's Name | Little Things Poem

Updated on December 21, 2013

New Haiku of The Season

Autumn air movement
sometimes still sometimes quiet
is felt in her leaves

* * *

The flaxen sun rays
shimmer on the black highway
turning the street white

* * *

All we notice is
fall colors turning our thoughts
to a new season

* * *

The Movement of Autumn

Life Moves By So Swiftly
Life Moves By So Swiftly | Source

Cadmium yellow
red and gold we anxiously
now plant the tubers

* * *

The squirrels scurry
hurry mouths water when they
see the bulbs planted

* * *

Calming Autumn breeze
blows away butterflies and
spooky holidays

* * *

Eagerly we wait
while pressing our noses flat
against the window

* * *

Everything turning
Leaves falling to the wet ground
Feet leave orange trails

* * *

© copyright Debby Bruck November 9, 2011
This set of haiku poems freshly written

Landscape of the pond with setting sun
Landscape of the pond with setting sun | Source

The Swan

One hundred Ways I Turn Toward Spirit

Listening. Being receptive. Becoming the receptacle for blessings. Noticing the little things and each moment. Bringing myself, my awareness into my actions. You might say I try to do too much. What is too much? For me, massage, poetry, prayer, washing, walking, swaying, seeing, eating, talking, typing, connecting, gardening, sitting, and a hundred more activities is just right. Consciously bringing gratitude into my life becomes “the way.” Remembering to pray, praise G-d, “hallelujah” for my pains and pleasures becomes “the way.” Luxuriating in rest, laying my body down at the end of day, feeling that comfort becomes “the way.” Becoming “the way” in my thoughts, words and deeds.

Swans Swimming

NY Times: Trumpeter Swans
NY Times: Trumpeter Swans

Mountain Clouds

Debby's Haiku From Year's Past -- 2003

More Haiku from Year’s Past

One puff from G-d's lips

a whole universe appears

clouds to mountain tops

~ April 17, 2003

G-d whispers to you

In admiration and love

He believes in you

Softly He touches

Your life totally unseen

awaken, breathe deep

~ April 17, 2003

Sun's rays breathe new life

into this ordinary

daytime walk alone

~ April 29, 2003

Two birds meet face to

face; forming a lasting bond

of heart shaped love notes

~ May 11, 2003


Ultimate Relaxation Music - Aqua

Guided Relaxation Video

Overlapping Images and Sound

Experiment with these videos. Turn off the sound on some to watch the moving images or even overlap as they all play simultaneously.

Dark sea's horizon

absorbs setting sun's last rays

behind angel's clouds

~ May 12, 2003

Didn't I see your

face before? Gliding alone

on rippled waters

White swan glides on the

silvery blue rippled

pond holding his head high

~ May 13, 2003

cherry petals fall

around three white swans

feeding like pink snow in Spring

heavy branches hang

with fragrant cherry blossoms

over swans swimming

~ May 14, 2003

Copyright© Debby Bruck 2003

Readers have asked why abbreviate the Holy Name?

The quick answer is because it is forbidden by Jewish law to erase the Eternal Name in a number of its forms. This custom has been derived from a verse in Deuteronomy 12:3-4, where it says, “You must tear down their altars, break up their sacred pillars, burn their Asherah trees, and chop down the statues of their gods, obliterating their names from that place. You may not worship G-d the L-rd in such a manner.”

Every part of Jewish law provides a method to uplift and sanctify our daily activities and common objects. Thus, the sages have interpreted this verse (Deut 12:3-4) to provide a method for how we can show our love for G-d. In fact, this particular custom of not writing out His Name reminds us of the very first commandment “And thou shall love the L-rd your G-d with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.”

It takes extra effort, thought and inward soul searching to remember to take care of His Name, in how it is used in the written or spoken word, and not to desecrate or destroy it in any fashion. Usually, we use the name of G-d in holy service and worship only. Therefore, it would be disrespectful to use it without elevating its status. [i]

Besides this lawful obligation, there is a heartfelt custom of reverence and love towards our approach to Him. We do not take the name lightly and use every reminder to come closer to Him in these particular ways. Writing His Name in abbreviated form may assist some individuals and confuse others. Since it is a matter of extension when writing in languages other than the holy tongue of Hebrew, there are many who do not feel this is an obligation when writing in English.[ii] Thus, you may only find this custom used by those particularly mindful of this law and within some religious sects.

In the 21st century we do not typically engrave names on stone for daily correspondence and teaching tools. Our present day computer technology erases and rewrites the screen 50-60 times a second. It sends electromagnetic impulses across the Internet and to the computer screen through a light beam. When we delete, erase or turn off the computer we are not doing any permanent damage to words on the screen, since they are in a constant state of flux. Still, many people hyphenate on the computer as a sign of respect and reverence.

The custom of not erasing His Name also extends to the spoken word. Therefore, you may hear religious Jews using the word "HaShem," which literally means, "The Name," in place of the holy four-letter word. Some scholars then extend out to another level and do not erase a cassette tape with G-d's name. Although, others do not feel this is necessary. [iii]

Sounds of Silence

Enjoy G-d's Abundance in Nature and Sound

You may then wonder what is done with all the printed scrolls and materials that have G-d's name written on it when they become worn, old and out of use. They treat these sanctified objects as if they had a soul and a body. They are brought to a Geniza, a special box in a synagogue. When the box is full, it is buried. Thus, no papers are mishandled or mistakenly thrown in the trash.

The more one studies, the more one learns. One key ingredient to the spark of holiness is how shining a light expands out in all its forms into new spaces and times. This concept is reiterated over and over again throughout the bible. Basically stated, “One thing leads to another.” We've heard this in regards to a negative aspect of taking drugs and a positive aspect of doing kind deeds. You can surely experience that in your own life. Every little thing you do and say will create changes in your life.

So, not only do we respect the times we speak the Holy Name and revere the objects they are written upon, but also the places we impart them. Since using His Name is a form of worship, we would not want to bring a bible into the bathroom if possible, or use the Divine Name while naked, unless The Name is completely covered. This idea comes from Deuteronomy 17:19 which states, “(This scroll - the Torah) must always be with him (the King), and he shall read from it all the days of his life. He will then learn to be in awe of G-d his Lord, and carefully keep every word of this Torah and these rules.”

The author hopes that this explanation has been enlightening. [iv]

[i] Talmudic scholars reference, "commandment not to destroy anything associated with G-d's worship (Sifri), and not to erase G-d's name (Makkoth 22a).

[ii] Shach Y.D. 179:11, and Mishneh Brura 85:10

[iii] * Igros Moshe by R' Moshe Feinstein, Yoreh Deah I, 173 says that although there does not seem to be anything wrong with erasing cassette tapes containing G-d's name on it, one should still refrain from doing so.

[iv] A full explanation surrounding the customs and reasons for abbreviating G-d’s name may be found in Aryeh Kaplan's “The Handbook of Jewish Thought”

About the Author

Debby Bruck, CHOM founder of Homeopathy World Community believes that homeopathy is the wave of the future that provides hope and healing to those who have tried every other approach. Visit her blog or follow Debby on Twitter.


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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      7 years ago

      Hey Fluffy - you've been busy reading all of my hubs today. Now, you bring me a smile. Love, Debby

    • Fluffy77 profile image


      7 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      Beautiful and inspiring, loved it great illustrations too.

    • SwiftlyClean profile image


      9 years ago from Texas

      Great writng Thanks!

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      Hi Charles ~ very pleased to meet you. I'm glad you are making every effort to be a loving peaceful person, even though there are times when emotions can get the best of us when we want to strike back when we've been hurt.

      It looks like you have many close friends here on Hubpages. I have not gotten to that level yet on Hubs. On twitter, I have a number of good friends because we do interact often and support each other, encouraging our affirmations for a good day.

      Your friend and fan member became my fan and that's how I found you. Nope. I do not stalk, only reciprocate in kind when someone is interested in what I have to say here on Hubs. My nature is to educate and help those in need.

      Thanks for reading my 'spirit' page. Keep up with your good works here making the world a better place.

      be well,


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I loved that Cello video. I have a neighbor who is a Cellist and Dentist too. She is really gifted. I knew instantly by your writing that you must be Jewish, G-d was the giveaway. Loved the poetry too. Thank you for visiting my hub by stalking a friend? However you fond me I am most pleased, for now I can follow you and read your hubs too. Peace, CC

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      10 years ago

      What a beautiful thought. Glad I could help bring spirit into your life. Return to visit and ponder these thoughts and the music. Even I will do that, since this Hub seemed to write itself from some spiritual source.

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom rubenoff 

      10 years ago from United States

      Some people say there is no God. I don't know what they mean, but I think they mean they have no time to think, because if they thought, I think they would know there is a god. Anyway, it is nice to see God coming out of your writing. As I am wrestling with God I will remember what you wrote here.

    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      10 years ago

      Dear Wendy ~ It is good to know that you started your day with these soothing and peaceful thoughts of spirit and music.

      Dear Aya ~ Thank you for clarifying that point. You know a lot about the relationships of Mother and Child. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying your life stories with Bow and your family. Have a blessed day.

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 

      10 years ago from The Ozarks

      Debby, you clearly are a very spirtual person, and there are some inspiring messages in your hub.

      A word about using euphemisms for the name of a deity: first off the word g-o-d is not a name, it's a generic label for any deity. It's kind of like a child calling its mother "Mother". That doesn't make "Mother" the mother's actual name.

      The Bible spells out many specific names for the gods mentioned. Even in the verse you quoted, Ashera is the name of a specific goddess, it is not a generic word for a goddess. When Jews began to read "HaShem" (the name) or "Adonai" ("my lords") instead of the specific name for the god spelled out in the Bible, they blurred the distinctions between different gods.

    • Wendy Harpham profile image

      Wendy Harpham 

      10 years ago

      Peaceful way to begin my day of writing. Thanks.


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