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Sweet Mother

Updated on April 10, 2016

Sweet Mother

Sweet mother you’re my heroine

Words of praise are only

Meant for the great and

Mother you’re great.

You seem ageless and unearthly

A wonderful warmth and maternal

Quality radiates from you

Seeming to envelope me as

A mother might embrace

A beloved child

You protect me like

Lioness her cub.

I like my native name

Pronounced by your lips

In a graceful happy accent.

Your face bright in expression

Your voice gentle in speech

Your mouth a delight in laughter

Your eyes soft and

Full of feelings

Love in your eyes naked

No child ever lived

Could wish to be loved

Better than you loved me

No other kitchen smell of

Food better than yours

As my first teacher

You always taught me

How best things are done

You’re the best, prettiest,

Kindest being in the world

When you stretch your

Hand out unimaginable

Bliss rise to my youthful features.

Every drop of your sweat

Weighs ton of glory.

You symbolize something

Good and clean and honorable

A positive gift to humanity.


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    • ilymsvicky profile image

      ilymsvicky 6 years ago from Long Beach

      A wonderful tribute to your mother. It expresses the unconditional love between a mother and her child.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      A True Love beautfully expressed for his Mother.