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Poetry: The Haitian Faith

Updated on January 11, 2012

The symphony is part of the poem without it the poem is not complete.

Poetry: The Haitian Faith.

Haiti the root of the mother land,

The country of Neg Marron

We are the Congo - brothers of the Guinea people

The sons of Dessalines - cousins of Christophe

Have gathered here today their pains and suffering

Headed for the next tribulation,

Liberty, Legality, Fraternity

The history of this land is not a fairytale

Its tales are embedded in pain

It’s been covered with hatred to be lifted by glory

It’s been covered by bigotry

Waiting to be raised once more through the process of legality

Calling on its entire people for a chance to fraternity,

It’s been lifted by those with kind hearts for its liberty

And it has sadly been neglected to be devalued by the interest groups.

But the fight goes on;

Haiti’s spirit is in every Haitian

Life has been horrible, but yet the people have managed to survive.

Haiti the struggle continues must reach a stop

A stop for peace, a stop for love and harmony

A stop for the people to explore their hidden talent

A stop for the spirit of La negritude to revive once more,

Love is a sentiment of joy,

And within this beautiful orchestrated symphony reflect the people’s love for Haiti.

Haiti the pain bearer of the Caribbean carries on his back the cross of freedom

A freedom that brings about fame

A freedom of everlasting pain

But we are the Neg Marron, Guinea & the Congo people

The sons of ancient spirits of the African old,

We are the sons of the old spirits before the cross

The cross between the crosses

And the cross after the cross,

So if it was our destiny we’ll rise up once more for the blood of those who fought in good faith are benighted those crosses.

Whichever symphony you choose to listen to while reading the poem is up to you - ether one satisfied the theme.


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