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Poetry- About a Girl..

Updated on August 4, 2017


About a Girl.

I endlessly search

through the rivers of oblivion and temporal time

wanting, needing,something,

someone to call mine.

Reeds of disdain fulfill what remains

and silence trumps what the

true heart contains.

A muted beauty

Stands sharp in the labyrinth of my eye.

My celtic Queen

walking the night

enters the hot dream

Circles round and round

chanting mystical tales of

of barren back beast too

Some say goddess of love

but this will not do.

Glancing kisses feathered touched and accrue

Where have you been my velvet dove, my sacred love,

I have been missing you.

Drop all of your guarded inhibitions

and let me run to you......!



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  • alahiker28 profile image

    Vicki Parker 4 years ago from the Deep South

    I get little if any responses to my poetry on Hubpages, so if you don't for some reason, don't be disheartened. There are great poetry websites which generate a lot more commentary. I enjoyed reading your material and best wishes.

  • profile image

    steph 8 years ago

    wonderful, slightly tortured,need for unfulfilled love

  • profile image

    \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

    we have a brilliant writer here i have to say no time to read all your work now, but i will be back absolutely wonderful in the exteme love every word

  • Bobbie Sandlin profile image

    Bobbie Sandlin 8 years ago from Midwest

    Love this. Such a sweet flow to this writing!

  • profile image

    \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

    tell me about them..... poetry at it's best there in my humble opinion

  • I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image

    I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s 8 years ago

    very nice...Oh, those damn inhibitions!

  • profile image

    Michael Achilles 8 years ago


  • profile image

    Roth Sok 8 years ago

    Injuries to my achilles tendon as I dismounted hastily from the horse.

  • profile image

    Michael Achilles 8 years ago

    What's stopping you...LOL

  • profile image

    Roth Sok 8 years ago

    Charming and delightful. I feel like dropping my guarded inhibitions as well as my clothes and running to you also.....

  • msorensson profile image

    msorensson 8 years ago

    Oh.. so sweet.

  • profile image

    Shirlee H. 8 years ago

    I like it because it can be understood not only by a mystic but by anyone who is longing for a true love...

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Hey Michael,

    I like it! Keep writing. Looks like you have a loving armful in your avatar. Welcome to hubpages!

  • profile image

    Michael Achilles 8 years ago